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    Best software to recover deleted files

    and best thing is that its freeware...
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    google chrome

    Better use Firefox now, I was also using Chrome till its 29th version and after that it is getting slower and slower, now into Firefox and its working smoothly...
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    BSNL dataone - Not able to open certain websites

    Change your MTU settings to 1452 or else 1500, thereafter even if will not work then make sure your PC MTU settings and Modem MTU settings are same...
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    BSNL dataone - Not able to open certain websites

    I have to face same problem every time I format my system and changing the MTU number works for me, seems like same happening to you...
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    Best DTH for 2 Tvs

    I am using Fastway Cable and pays Rs. 230/- for first tv and then 150 for 2nd one... But DTH provider like Airtel, Tata are always better and costlier then that...
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    BSNL Broadband: Does your FUP apply properly?

    Sometimes FUP don't work on BSNL and i get speed of 1 Mbps even after the limit, thats why BSNL rocks... :lol:
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    WD or Seagate internal HDD

    It's true that 'Seagate' disk is being used in external HDD's but its 'Sony' brand and the brand which always can be trusted in electronic products... The warranty period is 3 years and I have purchased 2 HDD's from Flipkart and 1 HDD from market and from last 1 year havn't faced any problem in...
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    WD or Seagate internal HDD

    Sony 500 GB External HD is also not bad option, however bit costlier compared to others, having 3 HD's of 500 GB and all are working fine... one attached to PC, one to PS3 and one to Home Theatre...
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    The Alternative Browser thread

    Avant Browser and Safari, used both a year ago however now with Chrome and Firefox
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    Slow Speed with EVDO After Holi

    I think someone on some forum posted that the wires are broken down at sea level again, I am also effected and now even know I am not the only one :wink:
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    Is DTH more preferable over Cable?

    Monthly Subscription charges of DTH providers are always higher then of Cable thats the biggest disadvantage. However if you don't want to compromise with the clarity then DTH is always good for you...
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    How to install word only?

    Bingo, While installing read instructions carefully and choose 'Customize' option and then select 'Microsoft Word' only in program features and here you go...
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    DTH Connection for 32" HD LED

    There is lot of difference between HD and SD channels and once you started watching HD channels you can't enjoy SD channels thereafter... Depends on what channels your parents are going to see and they really know the difference between HD and SD and can really see the difference in clarity...
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    The Dark Knight Rises

    At least Nolan and Bale is not going to rise again...
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    The Dark Knight Rises

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