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  1. shruti

    "Gentleman's" guide of posting in this section? Really?

    may be there can be a better title... but don't you think you are making an unnecessary fuss of it? i can't see anyone being sexist here. if you choose to blame.. then blame the thread starter and moderators... lol :P :D
  2. shruti

    Gameranger wierd problem

    you need to port forward. google and find which internet port your game uses and then port forward it using your modem's settings page. Port Forwarding Guides Listed by Manufacturer and Model - PortForward.com
  3. shruti

    [poll] does my sig suck?

    do you mean this thread?
  4. shruti

    Which Motherboard has best built-in graphics?

    intel core i3-2100 + intel dh67bl both for 12k. if u want to wait, then wait for AMD fusion Llano processors. these are going to have really good integrated graphics.
  5. shruti

    Computer No Post

    PSUs didnt use to be very significant 10 years ago. with computers getting more power demanding & enthusiasts getting into overclocking..only then they started to be really significant. so linux is working fine?
  6. shruti

    this forum was suggested to me by a friend. :)

    this forum was suggested to me by a friend. :)
  7. shruti

    Checkout my SandyBridge i7

    great config sam9s. where did you buy your components from???
  8. shruti

    Crysis 2

    if you were referring about early nineties, you should have specified it. like Liverpool fan said..this is not twitter. early nineties was the era of DOS. you didnt have direct access to hardware at that point of time. windows 3.11 was itself an operating envirovnment not operating system...
  9. shruti

    Crysis 2

    :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: okk guys..let us get back to the topic. sunny needs to brush himself up.
  10. shruti

    30 min of gaming and temp is 60+

    in laptops when you hit TjMax, they switch off automatically.
  11. shruti

    Crysis 2

    and why dont you read what I've said? have I said anything else? the newer API just saves developer time while implementing those better looking eye-candy like 'soft shadows' google wont be of any help, sir. :) developers just havent implemented those eye-candy in DX9. so all these DX9 vs...
  12. shruti

    Wii 2 specs (rumour)

    i hope this time nintendo makes a console for gamers like me.
  13. shruti

    Dragon Age II

    This game is still average even if we dont compare this with DA:O. I'll resume it next week if you say so. but I dont think my opinion will change much.
  14. shruti

    Crysis 2

    err- DirectX is just an API. Graphics don't depend upon the DX version. Crysis 2 is a well designed DX9 game, so obviously it looks good.
  15. shruti

    Dragon Age II

    I've played DA:O and all the DLCs. This game does not live up the standard set by DA:O. Lack of a strong story, my "decisions" not making "much" difference and poor performance on my NVIDIA card. This is not something which expect from a Bioware game. I will be honest with you, I stopped...
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