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    Confused State: Nokia X6 or HTC Legend....

    go for htc legend. i made the switch from nokia to this one and i am glad i did so. its worth it totally.
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    incorrect gps position on my phone????

    i inserted a different network sim card and then it showed my location. so i guess some problem with gprs settings of that sim card. thx a lot sriharsha.
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    incorrect gps position on my phone????

    the gps icon keeps blinking and then the msg pops up as location not available temporarily. i suppose E icon isnt showing two way signal so gprs might not be active so location is not getting determined.
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    Need advice for Laptop Buying

    hp laptops are also good. but when i enquired to buy my laptop 2 years ago , there were no original vista setup cds and backup partitions, etc with hp. With dell i got all of that. So u need to consider that as well in case u need to reinstall ur os or restore for some reason.
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    incorrect gps position on my phone????

    tried it. in location settings i disabled wireless networks and enabled gps satellites. then started google maps then asked for my location, it used gprs connection alongwith gps to determine and after a few seconds location not available temporarily appears. it continues to happen all day. is...
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    Htc legend --- android \m/

    There r HTC retAilers on their site u shud be able to get it from them
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    incorrect gps position on my phone????

    Gps is on still getting wrong location
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    incorrect gps position on my phone????

    hi guys i was checking my location on my htc legend with google maps. it shows akola as my position whereas i am in mumbai. y is that? wht cud be wrong?
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    Htc legend --- android \m/

    got the exact experience that u r talking abt in ur review. got mine a couple of days ago.
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    netbook at 15K ?

    go for samsung n150 or asus eee pc. shud be arnd 15-16k.
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    Need advice for Laptop Buying

    u can check dell or sony. they r good brands for laptop. chk out their site for the various configs and cost.thx
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    Xperia x10 mini pro vs n97 vs n900 vs vivaz pro??

    is it necessary for u to have a physical keyboard, if not htc legend is one u shud look for. i got it for 25k and the onscreen keyboard is fantastic does not need much effort to type. think abt it.
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    are sdrams still available???

    hi guys, just took out my old pc from storage. its working fine but has low ram 128mb which does not allow smooth running of win xp. so was wondering if sd rams are still available so that i can upgrade it. ebay shows few vendors but i donno if its genuine. plz reply if u guys have any info.
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    3 months used MSI GF615M P33 DDR3 AM3 Motherboard

    once used its called second hand. 2k is bit high considering one can get at 2.6k a new one. 1.6-1.7k is a fair price.
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    "Nokia X6 questions here"

    its launched in india. its available at nokia priority dealers. i got an sms from them 2 days back.u can see the model there for first hand experience of the fone.
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