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    Software for logging system temprature!

    boss the best i am using is http://www.diefer.de/i8kfan/ this one controls the fans on desired temperature criteria
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    Cheapest Notebook

    mouthwatering deal at Rs. 21,990.00 New Compaq 510 (C2D) Notebook with 1yr manfctr waranty Internal drives 160 GB Hard disk drive speed 5400 rpm Optical drives DVD+/-RW SuperMulti DL LightScribe Drive Display size 14.0-inch diagonal Video resolutions description 1366 x 768 LED HD...
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    BSNL HOME250---->HOME 500c

    I always give an application to Commercial Officer and he immediately mark on computer. I check on usage portal whenit is implemented. i do this even middle of month and billed accordingly without problems
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    Unable to open drives on double click ( bit urgent)

    dude Flash Disinfector can solvE your problem. http://www.precisesecurity.com/tools-resources/adware-tools/flash-disinfector/
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    Online access

    I prefer Teamviewer with With more than 15.000.000 users free version secured with file transfer facility
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    should we attack on pak...........?????????

    It is a very embarrassing for us that we have not yet taken any step nor responded strongly against terrorist camps and pak threatening daily. Just imagine Mr. Pranab asking Pak for ISI chief and was refused, all options open & we don't want war, Terrorist list-rejected, Dawood living free...
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    DATAONE UL750 is being upgraded from 256 Kbps to 512 Kbps for a period of 3 months

    Re: DATAONE UL750 is being upgraded from 256 Kbps to 512 Kbps for a period of 3 month Yeah for 6months check here http://www.calcuttatelephones.com/tariff_broadband.shtml * Monthly fixed charge of the Unlimited Home Plan 750 and 750 Plus has been reduced for the period 15.11.2008 to...
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    DATAONE UL750 is being upgraded from 256 Kbps to 512 Kbps for a period of 3 months

    Re: DATAONE UL750 is being upgraded from 256 Kbps to 512 Kbps for a period of 3 month as confirmed from BSNL officials and 1500 no such scheme in U.P. even reduced Unlimited 750plan now at Rs.500 in calcutta not applicable :(
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    Pentagon Sources: India readied to attack Pakistan

    Update: India may still strike at Pakistan ".......Global intelligence service Stratfor, in its latest report, said, "Indian military operations against targets in Pakistan have in fact been prepared and await the signal to go forward.... India has to communicate firmly that it will no longer...
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    Pentagon Sources: India readied to attack Pakistan

    No intention to create any havoc but if this info from trusted sources to be believed WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 (UPI) -- India's air force was preparing for a likely strike against Pakistan following the Mumbai terror attacks, Pentagon sources told CNN. The report quoted three Pentagon officials...
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    Anyone noticed BSNL reduced Modem Charges

    Modem Charges Modem Type Modem Sale Price (One time charges) Type-I Type-II Type-III Type-IV Rs.1000 Rs.1600 Rs.1000 Rs.1600 Monthly Rental Rs.50 Rs.80 Rs.50 Rs.80 Monthly Rental after 24 months Rs. 25 Rs. 40 Rs. 25 Rs. 40 Source: http://www.bsnl.co.in/service/bbtariff/initial.htm
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    Rumour: BSNL is going to provide 8 Mbps in 2009

    inspite increasing speed they must concentrate more on cost affordablity and cheaper unlimited plans
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    Help Needed Regarding BSNL Broadband - Urgent

    1) Yes Beetel modem will work BSNL guy will configure otherwise assisted here 2) You get the phone and as soon the line initiated swith to combo plan this what I did 3) Unlimited 999 is now charged at Rs.500 monthly & if connection is working it gives less speed problems but dare if you...
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    Hair Loss & Regrowth Whats the Solution

    ^^ I have read the possitive effects of the aove medicines in combinations but the problem is that once discontinued all regrowth fallsoff Salman went for hair transplant in Dubai the facilty is available in India now but very expensive in several ten thousands rupees but more or less...
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    Hair Loss & Regrowth Whats the Solution

    Suggest if you find anything really helpful for regrowth other than those ineffective antidandruff Shampoos and common hairoils
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