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    Google Nexus 4 Thread

    just purchased my nexus 4 loving it from the he word go
  2. mailshobhon

    the Asus K53SV - SX521V and SX521D thread

    try report this problem to the service center else get a cooling pad but quality wise asus is much better than dell and dell gives refurbished parts in case of warranties
  3. mailshobhon

    the Asus K53SV - SX521V and SX521D thread

    build quality is awesome bro in my point of view its better than dell and best part is asus has better heat dispenser than dell no problems you will face if get a proper cracked os
  4. mailshobhon

    is lenovo g580 a nice product???

    g580 is available for 32k in bangalore you can go for it as graphics card can be installed in g580
  5. mailshobhon

    Asus K53SM SX010D Vs Samsung NP300V5A-S0GIN

    no there is no problem as such if there is any the company will chang your screen
  6. mailshobhon

    the Asus K53SV - SX521V and SX521D thread

    Congrats for your new laptop the temperature is normal bro, carry on gaming as asus got a great heat-sink so it wont be a issue for you. Even i have the same laptop. i am playing Max Payne 3 now and its working fine, i am playing at high settings .
  7. mailshobhon

    the Asus K53SV - SX521V and SX521D thread

    its same as k53sv sx21d only difference is graphics card its a rebranded 540m that is 630m
  8. mailshobhon

    the Asus K53SV - SX521V and SX521D thread

    New buyers of k53 series guys put some pictures of your new laptop, make this thread colorful guys.
  9. mailshobhon

    Xperia users get Ice Cream Sandwich, others waiting

    did anyone get ics update in Sony Ericsson live with walkman in india
  10. mailshobhon

    HP 3rd generation 3610qm(640GB, 6GB, 2GB NVIDIA) vs Dell XPS 15 (1TB, 6GB, 2GB NVIDIA)

    both the graphics card performance wise are same hp used have heating issues but i guess in newer model they have rectified that issue.
  11. mailshobhon

    Where to buy Asus laptop

    there is asus brand-store in jaipur try there
  12. mailshobhon

    Dell Vostro 1550 or Asus P53E-S0101D?

    go for asus its a better model aat a cheaper price
  13. mailshobhon

    [Index] User Reviews & feedback for Mobile phones

    just recently bought Sony Live with walkman from bangalore superb phone no performance issue best phone in its price bracket. dont get exited by the head its just a piece of junk try and get good ear phones to enjoy the music and i will tell the speakers in this phone is superb probably the best...
  14. mailshobhon

    how is Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro

    14k with headphone its piece of crap one should use good quality earphone to enjoy the music and the speakers in this phones are praiseworthy probably the best speaker phone the market with great bass clarity
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