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    Post your latest Purchase

    Got myself a Kindle 3rd Generation Non-3G version and a Kindle Cover. Total expenditure amounted to $169.
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    A question.

    Which platform are you buying it on? I think it is available on Xbox LIVE for 1200 MSP.
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    Call of Duty : Black Ops Discussion thread

    Problem is, then I will have to ignore many, many people in the Gamerz section. So many people are not only pirating the game, but discussing and dissing a game and acting all indignant as if they lost good money on the game. It is cringe-worthy when someone on the forum nonchalantly says...
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    Call of Duty : Black Ops Discussion thread

    If you are so "bored" of the game, why bother "getting" it?
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    Just Cause 2 Problem

    Is it a pirated copy of the game?
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    Got CS1 Anthology Pack - Cds Not Working

    Yeah, WWC are the distributors here. Infact they had a huge issue with the PC version of OB when it was released in India and had to resort to recalling quite a few copies off the market IIRC.
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    Got CS1 Anthology Pack - Cds Not Working

    Well, if the replacement is taking too long in coming, you can always register the key on Steam and then download the game off it. In any case, eventually you are going to lose the disc and just download the game off the Steam account...or is that something that happens only with me?
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    Civilization V

    e-xpress is getting the game for Rs.999
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    Game You are Currently Addicted to

    Yes, though I am not sure if the PC version is available in the market. The console versions are available though.
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    Commandos series

    LOL! Seriously? Have you played both the games? Heck, have you even seen any screenshots or vids of the game?
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    error in BAD BOYS II and old pc game have any sloution for this game

    You can try the same compatibility mode on XP, only this time try Windows 98 or something lower than XP maybe. That might do the trick.
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    Who knows Wii?

    If budget is not a contraint, why not wait for Xbox 36 - Kinect or go for the PS3-Move combo? You get HD graphics, more advanced motion-control features as well as a more wider choice of games. Besides, I think getting a Wii in India would be almost as exoensive as getting a Xbox 360 Arcade.
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    I don't like GTA series

    ^^What?! No objectives? I can see how much you actually played the game. As for my personal view of the game, I have played and loved every GTA game that has come out till now, right from the Original GTA to GTA IV through China Town and LC:Stories and VC:Stories. Infact one of the main...
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    Idm ??? Internet download manager ???

    I remember DAP used to have spyware and all sorts of nasty code hidden inside. Plus it never really gave me any kind of boost as well. Lately I have been using Orbit and it has been serving me well. Light and fast.
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    I have Got It !!!!

    Loved playing the demo. The lighting effects are out of the world.
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