Digit e-Magazine

Digit November 2021 – Digital Only Edition


Contains digital versions of:

1. Digit (Technology Magazine) – 300+ pages
2. FastTrack (How-to Guide) – 96 pages
3. dmystify (Science Guide) – 32 pages
4. SKOAR! (All about Gaming) – 80+ pages
5. e-DVD (Science, tech, culture and alternative content) – More than 50 GB of content

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Your favourite tech magazine package is now available in a digital form, and also includes an e-DVD which spans 50+GB of content. Discover software, tools, trailers, movies, lectures, wallpapers and numerous other content curated by the Digit editorial team.

Here’s what you can expect to see in this month’s edition:

Ten VPNs For India

100+ parameters explored to find the best VPN for India


Products tested

MSI Spatium M480 SSD | LG C1 | Samsung The Frame 2021 | Apple iPhone 13 | Boult Audio | Airbass Soulpods | Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 | Dizo Buds Z | PlayGo BH47 | Dell Latitude 9520 | Sony HT-S40R Soundbar


Other magazine stories

Colour Gamuts
You’ve heard the term, but do you understand what they are?

TearDown: iPhone 13 Pro
Get a look at the insides of the latest iPhone

Esoteric ways of using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets

Startup Corner
Indian Biotech startups: helping newborns, purifying water and even building better nachos!

Careers: Computational Linguist
Help machines understand language to translate better

James Bond’s watches

Space Age: Reviving Integral
How the ESA brought a dead satellite back to life

Health: Extending life
Have the first immortals already been born?

R&D: Human Perception
Why do we feel so good when snuggling by a fire?


Fast Track to Managing your Data Privacy

What does it mean? | Why should you be concerned? | The Basics | Leave no footprint behind | Hide in the bunkers | Of the online finance and UPI | Know the laws | What to protect? | Keep an eye on the rear-view mirror | On the online stage | Parting Advice


Fast Track to Everything Crypto

What is Blockchain | Concept of DeFi | Build your own mining setup | Mining Crypto | How to buy Crypto in India | Tips for investing | Legalities in India | Top 50 Currencies | …and more inside


dmystify – Chaos Theory

Is there order in chaos?

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