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SKOAR! July 2020 Issue


Contains one awesome digital gaming e-magazine:

SKOAR! (Live to Game!) – 125 pages

Kuvah Story – The future past is now!

Everyone’s making remakes of classic video games and we get the deets on this lazy trend

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It’s done! We’re out with the first ever SKOAR! digital magazine to carry forth the legacy of India’s first and only gaming magazine. In this pixel-packed 125-pager rager, we have:

Kuvah Story – The past is now – It’s remaster season
Reevu – Final Fantasy VII Remake, Minecraft Dungeons, The Last of Us II, Trials of Mana, Mortal Kombat XI: Aftermath, MotoGP 20
Tabletop Reevu – Chariots of Chandragupta
Retro Reevu – Ascendancy
Teardown – Sony Playstation
Eevunt – Summer Game Fest
Pheachur – Maybe don’t port to Nintendo Switch?, Dragon Raja – Breaking the PC-Android barrier?

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