Digit e-Magazine

Digit May 2022 – Digital Only Edition


Contains digital versions of:

1. Digit (Technology Magazine)
2. FastTrack (How-to Guide) – 96 pages
3. dmystify (Science Guide) – 36 pages
4. SKOAR! (All about Gaming) – 16 pages
5. e-DVD (Science, tech, culture and alternative content) – More than 50 GB of content

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Your favourite tech magazine package is now available in a digital form, and also includes an e-DVD which spans 50+GB of content. Discover software, tools, trailers, movies, lectures, wallpapers and numerous other content curated by the Digit editorial team.

Here’s what you can expect to see in this month’s edition:

Twitter Freed?

Elon Musk officially bought Twitter for a whopping $44 billion. It’s one of the craziest, most insane tech purchases of all time! In this month’s cover story, we analyse everything from online free speech complications, Elon Musk’s motivations, and whether Twitter changes for the worse going forward. And how it impacts all of us, all of you Twitter users out there. Read on to find out …


Power Creep – As the gaming industry is steering towards games as a service, older content in games is becoming obsolete.


Fast Track to Robotics

The need for robots | What constitutes a robot | The first robots | Robots vs Humans | Laws of Robotics | The future of robotics | Simple Robot DIYs

dmystify – Notable Scientists (Part 1)

A compendium of the most notable minds


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