SKOAR! August 2020 Issue - Digit e-Magazine
Digit e-Magazine

SKOAR! August 2020 Issue

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Contains one awesome digital gaming e-magazine:

SKOAR! (Live to Game!) – 124 pages

Kuvah Story – The LUDO King Story!

India’s most downloaded game isn’t PUBGM, it’s a home-grown game outta Navi Mumbai.

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It’s done! We’re out with the first ever SKOAR! digital magazine to carry forth the legacy of India’s first and only gaming magazine. In this pixel-packed 124-pager rager, we have:

Kuvah Story – LUDO KING – An inside scoop of India’s most popular game
Reevu – Ghost of Tsushima, Halo 3 PC, Little Witch Nobeta, Rocket Arena, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Honkai Impact 3rd PC
Phrachise – Monster Hunter
Retro Reevu – Zeus: Master of Olympus
Teardown – Razer Kishi
Eevunt – Devolverland Expo
Pheachur – Should you play Death Stranding on PC?, Best weapons in PUBG Mobile, The Mind
Rantz – Time sensitive content in games
Low-spec gamer – Hotline Miami

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