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Digit June 2021 – 20th Anniversary Digital Edition


Contains digital versions of:

1. Digit (Technology Magazine) – 144 pages
2. FastTrack (How-to Guide) – 96 pages
3. Rewind (Science Guide) – 96 pages
4. SKOAR! (All about Gaming) – 32 pages
5. e-DVD (Science, tech, culture and alternative content) – More than 50 GB of content

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Your favourite tech magazine package is now available in a digital form, and also includes an e-DVD which spans 50+GB of content. Discover software, tools, trailers, movies, lectures, wallpapers and numerous other content curated by the Digit editorial team.

Here’s what you can expect to see in this month’s edition (Digit June 2021):

20th Anniversary Special – 2041: The Next 20 Years

Digit was launched 20 years ago, and since then, a myriad of things have happened that were pathbreaking and innovative. We were there when the first iPod launched, and also when the first few Apple stores opened. BitTorrent was first showcased at DefCon 2001, Wikipedia was created, Windows XP was released and Anna Kournikova was a virus that had IT admins everywhere shaking their head in dismay at employees. Google image search was born because of that green dress of J-Lo, and the hottest phone on the market was the Nokia 3310! We were reviewing the latest PC hardware at a time when owning a PC was still a luxury for most Indians…

Inside this month’s cover story you will find our vision of what the Next 20 Years have in store for us across eight categories:

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • TVs
  • Wearables
  • Audio
  • PC Components
  • Gaming
  • Cameras

You will also find over 30 authored columns from industry experts and researchers, who will paint a vision of the future. See it through their eyes!

Products tested

Intel Core i9-11900K | ASUS Z590 Motherboard | iQOO 7 Legend | ASUS Zephyrus G15 | ZOTAC RTX 3080 Ti AMP Holo | Mi QLED 75 TV | Soundcore Liberty Air Pro 2

Other magazine stories

  • Life after Google Photos
  • Crypto regulations: what to expect
  • Proto.io – A web prototype for your mobile apps
  • devworx: Learning about automation made fun
  • Agent001: GPUs
  • The hunt for Axions
  • Ignorance: How Dinosaurs walked
  • Star system Formation
  • The Ultimate Anime starter pack
  • Magical Schools, and where to find them

Fast Track to Vue.js (Part – 2)

Things to know | Installing | Forms | Components | Plugins and Themes | How to scale a project | Making a Netflix clone | Resources

Rewind: 2001 to 2021

20 years of tech in one little pocketbook!

Games that changed Graphics Forever!

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