Zune 3rd Gen Features Expected

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Well along with Apple's event happening tomorrow Microsoft will also be having their event for launching a new range mice. Along with that it is expected that the next gen of Zunes are gonna be announced too.

Here is the best part:

*www.beingmanan.com/wp/2008/09/zune-finally-goes-1-up-on-ipods/The new Zunes are expected to have wire-less syn features that are not restricted between your PC & Zune but will also have over the cloud features. Here are some features expected:

Capacity 120GB

Buy from FM: "Listen to your favorite FM radio stations and click to tag the songs you like for later purchase when you sync your device with your PC."

Wireless Sync: "Connect to your home wireless network and remotely sync your Zune device with your PC collection from your dock, AC adapter, or speaker dock accessory."

Device to Cloud: "Access thousands of wireless hotspots around the country to automatically update your collection, browse Zune Marketplace, refresh Channels, exchange favorites with friends, or buy songs you've tagged from your FM radio."



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I actually like the interface of the new Zune.
Is it gonna be available here in India?
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i too got the zune 3 interesting

for more info check this out

Zune was one of the biggest flops.

The one thing about Zune that Impressed me when it was launched was that you could buy a 30GB version for 100$ - one of the MOST VFM PMPs out there, and it even sounded decent. But MS axed it off the shelf, and replaced it with double as expensive models and its not making sense anymore to get a Zune over an iAudio, Zen XiFi or iPod.


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^^ Actually, Zune 30Gb's starting price was 250$. When they announced second zen 80Gb zune, they decided to clear 30Gb stock and so they put on a sale for 100$-150$. Once the new zune came out, they went back to 170$-200$ for the first gen.

seriously, the first gen zune had lot of issues with compatibility, stability etc.

Current gen zune is much better and even beats ipod in audio/video quality, features.


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seriously, the first gen zune had lot of issues with compatibility, stability etc.

Eh what ? I have been using it since nearly a year now without any issues!

Microsoft's Zune is probably the 'closest' (in terms of modding) device I have ever owned. :mad:
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