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  1. K

    How to disable notification from ZoneAlarm

    Hi Guys, I have got Windows7 and a free edition of Zone Alarm (version: From Zone Alarm, an automatic dialog box comes on the desktop frequently, giving the particular name of malware software which is prevented from…. How to disable such frequent notification?
  2. W

    Positive Experience good experience with getting pc cabinet from snapdeal & seller overclockers zone

    ordered a pc cabinet on 15th oct from snapdeal by seller overclockers zone & got it on 21st oct in good condition.i have read negative reviews about snapdeal but this just proves that more than site it is the seller & courier company which matters in terms of delivered product condition & on...
  3. theserpent

    Flipkart launches offers zone

    Flipkart Offers Zone - Flipkart Offers, Discount, Coupons & More So now flipkart has started this things
  4. N

    IS techzonein.com a trusted website??

    Hi all, I want to know about Tech Zone India:- We Lead The Brands-Tech Zone India . Is it a genuine website?? Tech Zone -Tech Zone India I don't know know where to post this ,so i asked my question in this section.Can someone please tell me?? Any other good online website for purchasing...
  5. Abhishek Dwivedi

    Are you a MSP/MVP or related to MS & in Delhi Zone? Read this...

    Hey folks, Sorry I've been long gone but I totally need your help again. My college has finally agreed to host a Seminar on Microsoft technologies (it wasn't easy convincing, trust me) on 26th this month BUT unfortunately there is a scheduled meeting of the Delhi Zone MSP/MVP on the same day...
  6. K

    How change settings?

    Hi Guys, I have got Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 2) and Zone Alarm FREE version 7.0.462.000. I have got several softwares on my system. I want to stop automatic updating, etc, of some of the particular Softwares by their Softwares names(Not by technical terms) through the Zone Alarm...
  7. K

    Installing problem.

    It relates to Windows XP Home Edition. When I try to install Zone alarm free version from a CD",it does not intall itself saying Error Document "index.html" not found. If I try to install Zone Alarm directly from Internet, it does not install at all.How to correct it?
  8. M

    Get Zone Alarm Pro 2010 For FREE-Yes that's FREE

    Get Zone Alarm Pro 2010 For FREE-Yes that's FREE:Offer Expired Yes you get Full liscenced copy of Zone Alarm Pro Firewall for free worth $39.95(approx Rs 1845.00).It' also Windows 7 Compatible. It's a promotional offer from Zone Alarm for 24 hrs only. You don't need to take part in any...
  9. Krazzy Warrior

    Zone Alarm : Open blocked port??

    I am a Windows XP user and I use ZoneAlarm Free from here Note:- I m using ZoneAlarm Free Not Pro version.... Now the problem:- Case 1:- I checked my port 27960 UDP using PFPortCheck Program..(Zone Alarm ON). ^^ It shows your port is blokced... Case...
  10. ay_aceoo7

    processor zone temperature...

    HI guys...i just checked ma processor zone temperature and it is 63c ....anyway to decrease it?
  11. panacea_amc

    <<< Firewalls doesnt run: Help >>

    Of late, i tried installing Zone Larm as well as Armour2Net. but none of them wud run. zone alarm says" sum true vector monitor error" it needs to be restarted evrytime. any virus infection??? thanks for ur views.
  12. anshul

    Zone alarm too slow!

    I have zone alarm 7 pro..............but it makes my PC startup and shutdown very slow.......I cant shut it down as I am constantly on a network........any help??
  13. prasath_digit

    Half-Life 2 OR S.T.A.L.K.E.R.? ( In Real Life )

    Lets say, ur given a choice ( in real-life not gaming :rolleyes: ) of whether u:- -> Have to be a Stalker and explore the Zone? ( OR ) -> To don the HEV-Suit of Gordon Freeman and battle aliens? I know both r bad :D, which one you'd choose?. I prefer visiting the Zone.......U? Bright &...
  14. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Good news for Sony Ericssson Users, our new froum

    We have started our new forum ! We offer a lots of user generated content for downloads and have a great forum with lots of experts !! from general discussions to flashing and patching ! To arcade zone and blogs ! hope to see you soon in there ! Visit us at http://www.se-lifestyle.com
  15. N

    Zone alarm Alerts

    every time i connect to internet using my desktop zone alarm shows the following alert "The firewall has blocked internet access to your computer (tcp port 135) from (tcp port 16803)[tcp flags: S] " i recieve these alerts every now and then. However the ip address and port no...
  16. S

    dekstop disappears on opening any folder

    when i try to open any folder in windows xp sp3 the desktop disappears i have avg 8 free, zone alarm, adware,spybot,spy sweeper please help me i have a project deadline
  17. H

    Boo Hoo, scanned to no avail...

    Hi, Since the past few days, Internet Explorer used to start up on its own, automatically. I rarely use it; I use Firefox. In the end, I just uninstalled Internet Explorer. Now a small window comes up, asking whether I want to connect or stay offline. Zone Alarm gives a regular message of...
  18. B

    amvo.exe & nideiect keeps popping up. Undetectable by antivirus.

    Just yesterday I plugged in a friends' USB drive into my laptop and PC and now I can't view my hidden files. Also if I open any of my drives Zone Alarm warns that some proggy called "nideiect.com" is trying to load something called "amvo.exe". If I disallow the program a dialogue pops up saying...
  19. ravi_9793

    Now experience 2 Mbps Unlimited Plan from Airtel

    Airtel BB is offering unlimited 2 Mbps plan. But is costs is too high... Currently this package is available only in Andhra pradesh and Tamil nadu. But it is soon going to hit other zone. Monthly charge-->> Rs. 15999...
  20. sourav

    Help! ZoneAlarm

    whenever i start zone alarm i cannot connect through network to internet. I have installed zone alarm in the desktop. This connects directly to internet. My laptop connects to internet through this. i am not able to connect to net through this
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