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  1. giprabu

    Need a UPS & PSU under 4k.. Suggestions please..

    Guys, please suggest me a PSU and UPS under 4k.. My config: * Amd Phenom II X6 1055T * Gigabyte GA-880GM USB3 * WD Caviar Green 500GB (will be adding one more 500GB soon) * Power Color Radeon HD5770 * Benq G2220HD 21.5 FHD * Transcend 2 x 2GB stick DDR3- 1333Mhz Presently using...
  2. P

    Best pair of headphones for around 1500/- ?

    /* This is my first post here, so please forgive me if there's any mistake I'm making! */ Greetings, Digit! As I've mentioned above, this is my first post here :) This is an appeal to the highly experienced audiophiles in the community. I'm looking for a new pair of headphones for mainly...
  3. D

    Need a graphics card with 15k

    Processor intel i5 2500k @ 3.30ghz -Motherboard One of the classic series motherboards of intel. DG33FB Series -Ram corsair vengeance 4GB ddr3 -PSU 450W Zebronics Can get the card from US too. So suggest me whichever is the best :). Thanks
  4. A

    My case mod..

    So this is my budget case mod.. The case is a Zebronics Pace and is highly modded.. It even runs on a dual Psu setup to help power all the bells and whistles required.. please say how's it.
  5. R

    Best 5.1 Channel Speakers Under 10K INR

    Hi guys, I want to buy a 5.1 channel Speakers mainly for watching movies and gaming. I presently have creative T6100 5.1 speakers, but i am not satisfied with the sound level of these.. I dont care about how the sub woofer is, i just need crystal clear voices and mids, since i have a...
  6. NiGHtfUrY

    cheap headsets rs500

    i want to buy a headset with microphone for gaming and a little music listening nothing hardcore. i have a 500rs flipkart gift voucher and the two headsets i have trimmed down to are 1)i ball rocky:iBall Rocky Headset - iBall: Flipkart.com 2)Zebronics ZEB - 3100 HMV Headset Zebronics ZEB...
  7. S

    Need your suggestion on 5.1 Sound system

    Hi All!!!! I am newbie to this forum. Here it goes..Help me with the following models. I am bit confused which to choose on Zebronics ZEB-SWT9100RUCF 5.1 Multimedia Speakers: Flipkart.com Zebronics ZEB-SWT9200RUCF 5.1 Multimedia Speakers: Flipkart.com Philips DSP 75U 5.1 Multimedia...
  8. S

    help needed in buying new cabin !!

    Hi , I am new here .. I would like to change my pc cabin , and decided to buy one without smps. My smps works fine without any problem. I don't know if it is 250W/300W ! in another words , which smps / what power is needed to run a cabin like Zebronics reaper ? My doubt is , if I buy a cheap...
  9. J

    Zebronics remote interference issues

    Hi, I bought a 2.1 Multimedia speaker from Zebronics 4 months back. The sub-woofer got busted within a month, and they replaced the same. I have been having remote interference with the DVD Player though. Every time I try to change volume in the speaker's remote, the player shuffles subtitle...
  10. kool

    ►► Wireless mouse, which one is best at low cost?

    Hi guys, Today i bought Logitech K-270 wireless keyboard, and don't know why suddenly my 1.5 year old wireless mouse stopped working. (it was zebronics wom300). Now suggest me any good wireless mouse as cheapest possible for my desktop. My zebronics has 3 extra buttons, i.e: forward...
  11. I

    suggest if i am buying a good pc for 35k

    the configuration is as follows: 1. intel i5 kit(processor and motherboard)---RS 14500 2. 4GB ddr3 RAM-transcend-----------------RS 1250 3. 500GB --seagate ------------------------RS 4000 4. 20 inches acer ultra slim screen ----------RS 6700 5. 1GB ddr3 ASUS graphic card -------------RS...
  12. D

    Is my C.P.U holding back?, need new PSU

    My current config(very old) is Intel E7200 OC'ed @ 3.32 GHz Zotac GTX 465(stock) 4 gb ddr 2 667mhz P5GC-MX (FSB 1066) and a cheap zebronics 700w psu(35 amps at +12v rail) when i play any nice game like dirt 3 on ultra settings at 1366*768,I get 38 to 45 fps but i saw a video in which...
  13. JojoTheDragon

    [For Sale] Zebronics Bijli

    Model number and details: Zebronics Bijli Date of purchase : I don't remember. It has been more than 3 yrs. Reason for sale : Upgraded to Carbide 400r Expected Price : Rs 450/- + Shipping Location of Seller : Guwahati, Assam, India. Item Condition: Read this carefully. Don't come crying to me...
  14. A

    want review for Zebronics 16 Port Switch Network Switch

    hello we friends are thinking to buy a network switch for playing counter strike as it lags when played on the wifi i would like to have advise nd if possible a review on Zebronics 16 Port Switch Network Switch our budget is around 1500 ( the lesser it is ...better ;) )
  15. C

    will zebronics 450 w gold series psu wligible for following configuration

    I am going to buy a new gaming intel pc. configuration of the pc are given below plz tell me whether zebronics 450 w is reliable for this.. processor: intel i5 2400 motherboard: biostar tz68k+ Hard drive: segate 1 TB 7200 rpm drive monitor: benq 2222hdl cabinet: cooler master elite 335...
  16. Rockstar11

    Best Battery Portable speakers?

    Iball ? iBall ? Your eyeball view. Our technology new. Edifier? Genius? Genius Zebronics? Zebronics - Speakers - 2.0 Multimedia speakers any other?
  17. kg11sgbg

    Luck changed to buy AMKETTE Keyboard & Mouse

    To all digit-forum Friends, and particularly to d6bmg... Lady Luck,seems to be happy and waited for me.:mrgreen: I booked the Zebronics Judwaa-5(Keyboard+Mouse) from KOOVS at Rs.395/-,with the facility of "Cash on Delivery" payment mode. Due to some internal matters of KOOVS ,as they posted me...
  18. kg11sgbg

    Reliability of Zebronics Judwaa-5 Keyboard+Mouse

    I've recently purchased the Judwaa-5 Keyboard+Mouse combo from Zebronics at Rs.395/-. How much reliable is it? Are all Zebronics products really crap? I mean,the peripherals section.
  19. J

    confused about gaming wheel

    i want to buy racing wheel... plz suggest one....zebronics 100gw or thrugmaster???? which will be the better ??? actually i get frightened that in kolkata there is no service center for thrugmaster .... whereas if something happen then i can give it to service center... zebronics 1000gw will...
  20. J

    confused regarding gaming wheel

    guys plzzz help... I am very fond of racing games... specially nfs.. I just want to buy a cheap racing wheel. in the market there are only 2 devices 1. frontech 1739 gaming wheel 2. zebronics 1000gw logitech will be too costly for me.... I am confused which one to buy.....!!!!! plz...
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