1. Æsoteric Positron

    Queries regarding broadband upgrade.

    So, I have been planing to buy a broadband for sometime now, but I am still confused about many things in this regard. 1. Whom should I ask about the network services? The only man I know is our cable 'wala' , who had started his broadband services last year. Would the boardband services over...
  2. Gtb93

    Y500- 50k- Greendust.

    1. They do deliver. They're not scammers. 2. There's no assurance that the product will be pin perfect. From the reviews I've seen there's a good chance you'll get a slighly defective piece, but since they have a 1 year warranty and various replacement schemes, you'll FINALLY get a working...
  3. rohitshakti2

    Purchasing PC components online

    Hi friends, Can u pls suggest me names of some reliable websites from which we can buy PC components? Pls also tell, if there are any discount schemes going on? Regards
  4. iMav

    New Ultimate Extas Released

  5. P

    earn money on your mobile without investment

    No referrals or get rich schemes are allowed.
  6. manas

    Google Talk Themes !!

    Google Talk does not support themes by default but here is a person who has created some cool looking GTalk color schemes. There are 6 color schemes as of now. So change the look of GTalk now and surprise your friends. ;)
  7. teknoPhobia

    Don't go for the Airtel 1 year or 2 year refills

    If you recharge using either of the 1 year or two year refills, it will disable all your active schemes such as 1 rupee outgoing for 25 bucks a month, you also will not be able to use any of the existing schemes or any to be offered schemes for the validity period. It happened to me today...
  8. ax3

    Power schemes & hibernate ! ! !

    what is hibernate ??? & what is power scheme ???
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