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i was looking into a midrange graphic card and had acctually decided on the XFX 6600GT..but nowi stumbled across the 1600XT from powercolour whcih seeems to be better my miles...Which graphic card would be the best at a range of around 13k

thanx in advance


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If u are willing to pay 13K then might as well increase ur budget a little to 14.5K(including tax) and u can get a 6800gs. Extremely good performer aand value for money.


X1600 is better, as it support Avivo along with SM 3.0, then 6800GS, which is available only for AGP

which system u got AGP or PCIe,


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damn ..

i need a mumbai ATI supplier number.. some1 please provide

also what is the counterpart of nvidia 6800 in ATI.. is it X1900XT ??

and i think ATI is better on its counterpart..


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X1900XT series are the top performing cards right now and they are meant to be compared with the 7800GTX 512MB series from nvida . i think X1600 series are comparable to the 6800 series of nvidia.


one more thing i forgot to say, that the 6800GS doesn't support purevideo

either go for 6600GT, 7 series or X1600XT,

however, insted of X1600XT, 6600GT is better


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Well the 6800GS comprehensively beats the shit out of the X1600XT.
Its not that great a card.I personally was thinking about it but then after realising this fact,i cancelled the thought.

Stick with 6800GS or you can even think of Powercolour X800GTO.
That also is a decent card.


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The X1xxx Series of ATI are very scarce out here.The last update I had was of the X1800XT being retailed by powercolor for over 30k.Apart from that haven't seen any of the main stream ATI Mid Range cards retailing Viz The X1300 and the X1600 series.:? Could someone confirm their availibilty.


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well, for 14k i was first of all thinking abt mrp...cos then i'll end up getting it for 11k...which is more my budget...sorry for misleading..
more on the 800gto...isn't that a older card..i mean its based on the 130nm tech..also, it doens't have pixel/vertex shader 3.0
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