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X Box 360 on ebay.in for 22,000 !!

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great news dude . and its not core system but the full system . the price is just a tad over the american price . :p


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^Duh!Like it was gonna be priced on par with the American pricing policies.Btw Good news for people in Delhi as Samurai_X back at our Skoar Forums had got these price quotes from pallika bazaar.
Here are latest Xbox, ps2, psp and xbox 360 prices from Palika Bazzar Jan 17 2006

Shop No. 7 :- Xbox for 10k, Slim Ps2 for 7.5k, xbox 360 for 25k and PSP for 11.5k . Mobile No. 9312234527.

Music Point, Shop No. 278 :- Xbox - 13k (with 5 Yrs limited warranty), Ps2-7.5k, PSP - 11k, Xbox 360 (not avilable). Phone No. (Not avilable)

Shine STAR, Shop No.18 :- Xbox - 10k, Slim PS2 - 7.5k, PSP - 11k, Xbox 360 - 25k. Phone No. 23352461, 23711169.

PARAMOUNT Money changers... Shop No 260:- Slim PS2 - 7k, Xbox - 10k and PSP - 11k. Phone No. 23326233
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These are definetly the un-modded console's,So those who wish to wait can wait and for those hungry beasts who want to pounce on it,Be My guest! :D
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