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  1. D

    Anyone know of a way to install a custom recovery on ZTE Blade Buzz v815w?

    Need a way to install a custom recovery on my ZTE Blade Buzz v815w. This model does not seem to be supported by either CWM or TWRP. Have already managed to root it.
  2. Akshay

    [Solved] Play movies stored on NAS on iPad

    I have a NAS drive on which I have stored movies. I want to watch the movies from my NAS drive on my iPad. I have googled a bit but it throws up too many confusing alternates. I have short listed Buzz Player HD, AV player & good player but I am still confused if it will serve my purpose well...
  3. C

    MX5021 Problem - No Sound

    My altec lansing vs3151r died last week. My cousin had MX5021 but he said they had gone bad because of some electricity problem. I anyways got them to my place to try. When I turn the speakers on, the control pod is powered up, I can hear static (buzz sound) from speakers and subwoofer. Buzz...
  4. hot zubs

    Google Buzz

    Google Buzz is a social network and sharing product built by Google. Based within Google Profiles, Buzz offers a stream of status updates, pictures, links, and videos from your friends. You can “like” these items and you can comment on them. Updates from Flickr, Picasa, Google Reader, or Twitter...
  5. pritish_kul2

    Unlimited Buzz in Y!Messenger

    HEre's the way to send unlimited buzz to ne1 - Just type <buzz> any no. of times u want.....and it'll make that buzz sound and vibration
  6. R

    about Unlimited BUZZ in Yahoo Messenger

    hi .. does anyone know about send Unlimited BUZZ in Yahoo Messenger or any info about that hack .. please i need it .. this video showing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKiA9I9oxiw ... any reply ?
  7. Gigacore

    Yahoo adds Digg-style 'Buzz' feature

    Yahoo has added Digg-style functionality to its site that will pinpoint popular news stories and blog posts from across the internet based on user votes and search patterns. The Yahoo Buzz extension counts the 'BuzzScore' for news stories, videos, images and blog posts. Content with the most...
  8. N

    Where do these Debian codenames come from?

    So far they have been characters taken from the movie "Toy Story" by Pixar. buzz (Buzz Lightyear) was the spaceman, rex was the tyrannosaurus, bo (Bo Peep) was the girl who took care of the sheep, hamm was the piggy bank, slink (Slinky Dog (R)) was the toy dog, potato was, of...
  9. evil_maverick

    X Box 360 on ebay.in for 22,000 !!

    hey ppl, xbox 360 for 22000 on ebay???? fair deal????? buzz me with yr thoughts ppl,plz ..... maverick :wink: [/b]
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