1. anirbandd

    Hyderabad Bomb Blast

    Three blasts in Dilsukh Nagar area in Hyderabad
  2. Desmond

    [Breaking news] 3 Minor bomb blasts in Pune few minutes from now.

    Sources : Three minor explosions reported in Pune - The Times of India Three minor blasts hit Pune, one injured - Hindustan Times Four minor blasts in Pune, one injured - India - Maharashtra - ibnlive Correction: 4 bomb blasts., 1 defused.
  3. Rahim

    Terror victim fights odds to become CA

    He may have become a paraplegic after Mumbai's 7/11 blasts, but that hasn't stopped Chirag Chauhan from realising his dream of clearing the CA exam. He now works in a multinational bank and drives a customised car While depressing news arrived on Saturday, with Sunder Singh Bisht and Ajay...
  4. Vyom

    How a Google doc joined the battle to save lives during the Mumbai blasts!

    How a Google doc joined the battle to save lives during the Mumbai blasts Spreadsheet Link
  5. Baker

    Serial blasts in Mumbai

    Three blasts in Mumbai, Ten reported Dead, 60 injured
  6. Disc_Junkie

    Guwahati rocked by blasts again today!!

    Bomb blasts kill 7 in India's Assam ahead of PM visit GUWAHATI: Assam was rocked by four blasts on Monday in which seven people were killed and over sixty injured. The first blast occurred in Karbi Anglong, the second blast took place in Maligaon in...
  7. gaurav_indian

    Isnt Guwahati in India?

    Isnt Guwahati in India? I dont think so.Why our media didnt give coverage to the guhawati blasts on 1st Dec?For them affairs of saif and kareena are more important.:rolleyes: Where is the unity now?Where are the protests and peace march or is it only for people living in big cities like...
  8. esumitkumar

    WTF : Serial blasts rock Tripura; one dead, over 50 injured

    WTF ...really this blast joke has gone over the limit :mad::mad::mad: just wait for your no ...this has become a daily news now..i fear soon it will be hourly :( AGARTALA: Serial bomb blasts rocked Tripura on Wednesday evening, leaving one Blasts occured in Gul Bazaar, Radha Nagar and...
  9. praka123

    Serial Blasts in Hyderabad!xxxxx

    Atleast 20 killed in Hyderabad serial blasts * ALSO: * wth?ISI?
  10. praka123

    Madani of Coimbatore blast freed

    * I remember this as i used to study Engg in a college in Coimbatore during that is really horrible to see blasts followed for a week and a terror striken city.Coimbatore lost its development oppurtunities a...
  11. S

    1993 Mumbai blasts: Sanjay Dutt gets 6 years RI

    1993 Mumbai blasts: Sanjay Dutt gets 6 years RI Sanjay Dutt was on Tuesday sentenced to six years rigorous imprisonment for possessing arms illegally thus bringing to an end the 13-year-long TADA trial in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts. He has also been fined an amount of Rs 25000...
  12. arcticflare

    Home minister's comments

    shivraj patil:i think this could be a terrorist activity but we have yet to confirm...this could be some anti national elements..we should not relate srinagar blasts with these. This country is going to the dogs.
  13. Pathik

    [merged]Serial Blasts In Mumbai

    did ny1 hear about them... 5 blasts in 1 day...
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