Wireless not Working Compaq 621


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i guys using Compaq 621 laptop, winxp sp3,,,format and installed xp and reinstall all drivers but still wireless not working........and in my laptop keyboard the wireless button light is orange when it was working it colors is green...???

what should i do....also checked in BIOS too....


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@ArjunKiller, thats not a solution to OP's problem, its rather a generic statement.
FYI, OP have already installed Win Xp as OS with all the required drivers.

@OP, i think you should press that wifi key with the function key (Fn) combination. And what have you checked in the BIOS.

Check device manager, if your network card is listed there.


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Re: Wireless not Working Compaq 621

hey i am having compaq 621 with windows 7 installed.....the problem is my laptop's wireless is not working though i have changed enabled option to lan/wlan option in bios and i have checked the device manager whether the device is working ...but it shows it works properly...laptop's wifi button color doesnt change it remains orange even though i pressed with the combination of function key and normal button pressing...plz SUGGEST ANSWERS TO MY PROBLEM....because i havent used wifi from 6 months
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