"Windows could not determine if this computer contains a valid system volume"

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Hi guys,

I'm experiencing a problem during Vista Ultimate 32-bit installation.

After I select the drive on which to install Vista it shows this error message

"Windows could not determine if this computer contains a valid system volume"

and it doesn;t proceed further anymore.

It is happening since I changed to AHCI mode and loading Intel's SATA/AHCI drivers.

It wasn't happening when I set up my PC in IDE mode.

One a second note, I would like to add some more info:-

I've 2 500GB Seagate HDDs installed on my PC.
Before loading the SATA drivers, the partition list shows the partitions of my second HDD first.
After I load the SATA drivers, the partitions of my first primary HDD are shown first as earlier in IDE mode.

Please make use this info if any!


I've checked and rechecked that my Intel SATA/AHCI drivers are latest and correctly loaded on installation!

Please help!!


This problem has got something to do with the USB key. So, the below actions that I've tried works may work for you too:-
- In the BIOS, change the boot sequence of your USB key to after your ODD and hard drive OR
- In the BIOS, disable 'boot from USB device' option

You can change everything back to the original order in the BIOS after you're done with the installation, no harm done.


simply re-configure your BIOS Boot options to NOT include the USB drive as a bootable device and you should be good to go. You can also boot your system without a USB drive installed
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