windows 7 not booting up.

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Adam young
i am using win 7 ultimate 64bit.from few days i got few problems with the os.i needed to run start up repair process and it was showing error as "some -------changes were made to system configuration" and after running repair process for some time i was able to run the os.this happened for about 3-4 times and today it is refusing boot and showing various errors including the above one.the main problem it is showing is "partition table is missing system partition" and runs check disk and at the end shows it was not able to fix the error.after running and fighting with cmd for some time i was able to make it to go till starting win 7 logo and again it crashes there and restarts even the safe mode also doesn't i am typing all these with ubuntu 11.04 is it possible for me to get my os back?
btw in ubuntu i found that there are few bad sectors in my is the pic of that.
thanking you.


Computer Addict
Presuming Windows was working fine alongside Ubuntu,

Try this

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