1. quicky008

    Changing motherboard without reinstalling windows ?

    I'm thinking of changing the motherboard of one of my older pcs and i don't want to go through the hassle of reinstalling windows in it all over again.Its currently running windows 10-will changing the motherboard necessitate reinstalling windows or can i continue using it without any...
  2. saikibryan

    One plus 2 dual sim problem !

    Good morning folks, I am using a one plus 2 phone for last couple of months was running smoothly... I was using a BSNL sim for primary slot for call purpose and a vodafone sim for data mainly which was my secondary sim. now problem started from last week... If i insert both of the...
  3. P

    HP g6 2005Ax motherboard

    My laptop won't turn on, it show power on light, fan are running but no Hdd, processor activity. Nothing on screen. My battery is dead so I am running directly with adapter. Local technician said something bad with motherboard. So any one tell how much it cost to change motherboard of HP...
  4. S

    Unable to retrieve installed service status (service not recognized) in Ubuntu

    I have a jar file running as service in system(logged in as root user). But unable to get the service status(running/stopped). "sudo service <service_name> status" returns "<service_name>: unrecognized service". "service --status-all" does not return installed service name in the list...
  5. E

    Good laptop for learning ethical hacking and some android development

    Hi All, Looking to buy a laptop around 40k INR that would be mostly used for learning ethical hacking. Running virtual machines and all. I would also use for it writing books and programming. Which laptop would be a good option.? 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Around 40K Inr...
  6. S

    Virtual Machine server

    Hi, (disclaimer: I am not a networking or any certified professional. Kindly answer in easy to understand terms ..) Scenario: I needed multiple machines to run old and obsolete software for business purposes, after repeated issues, I got them to migrate to a windows 7 machine running vmware 10...
  7. A

    Which laptop should i buy?

    Hey guys i have decided to get a new laptop and now I have finally got two lenovo laptops in mind. I need an opinion on which of these 2 laptop should i buy : Option 1 : 80L000HLIN Lenovo G50-80 Notebook (80L000HLIN) (4th Gen Intel Core i3- 4GB RAM- 1TB HDD- 39.62 cm (15.6)- DOS- 2GB...
  8. P

    Screen is cut off in games

    The aspect ratio of my monitor is 16:9 and supports 1080p resolution. The problem is whenever I play games, the screen is vertically cut off on the left hand side as if the the game was running at an aspect ratio of 16:10 and then there would be black-outs on either side. But the games are...
  9. P

    Need peripheral for shop (namely photo printer, copier) . Help ASAP!

    Need the cheapest laser copier (or an mfd will do, if performance of copier is good) with the lowest running cost. Also, need a good quality (inkjet) photo printer with the lowest running cost. My budget for both is 16K to 18K. Need these for shop. Please help asap, will buy asap. Thank you!
  10. I

    How about tech co-operatives?

    Hi all! Just been doing some late night reading on cooperatives and how workers control the business, have more say in the running of the company and have a larger share of the profits, instead of one person or a small group of persons. How do you reckon will tech co-operatives do in India ...
  11. patkim

    How can I prevent facebook app from running in background?

    Does anyone know how to prevent Facebook from running in background on Android phone. On Redmi 1S no matter what I do it keeps coming back and hogs 50MB of RAM. As a last option I plan to uninstall the same, however before that checking if there's any remedy, pl. help. Thx.
  12. Ironman

    Build Suggestions - Low Power Home Server HTPC

    I Posted it here As Information is Needed only for CPU & Motherboard Combination Only Time for a new Build So this time i state my Priorities at the beginning 1.Windows Platform (7/8/8.1) 2.Lowest Power Consumption possible while running 3.24x7 Running Capable 4.Good Heat Dissipation ...
  13. I

    Laptop around Max 20k for Eclipse & android programming

    hey all, I am tight on budget this time with at max 20k and looking to buy a laptop with following: Running eclipse Running ADB Running Android tools Genymotion Watching youtube at the same time NO GAMING at all is in mind Brand: HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell Please guide me. Also...
  14. bssunilreddy

    Is my SSD running good?

    Hi, Is my SSD running good or should I have to replace it now or in the near future. I am attaching a snapshot of SSDLife for any further suggestions. Comments anyone....
  15. B

    Multitasking Laptop under 50K

    Hi I am looking for a laptop within 50K primarily for heavy multitasking. I want a smooth experience even if I have 20 chrome tabs open, 10+ chrome extensions, youtube running and doing some web development e.g. running django or rails at the same time, some high speed downloads running in...
  16. vikash

    PC crashes, when running Diagnostics, or boot time scan.

    ABOUT MY PC I own a Dell N4010 laptop -Core i3 2.53GHz -3 GB RAM -1 GB ATI Radeon HD5650 graphics I NOTICED -When playing games(FIFA 13, Don Bradman Cricket, others I've not tested), the CPU clocks to 100% usage, and crashes if gaming is continued. -My graphics drivers are up to date...
  17. M

    Need a laptop for light gaming and running VMware within 40k

    Guys need a laptop within 35-40k my requirements are Display should be good(good contrst ratio) 720p would do Good sound quality Should able to run latest game on medium to low settings 14incher would be great finally good battery backup I will be using this lappy for gaming,watching...
  18. iinfi

    Will Microsoft Flight Simulator Run on my system

    all, I am not an avid gamer but i am planning to buy Flight Simulator (Buy Flight Simulator X - Gold Edition (PC) Online at Low Prices in India | Microsoft Video Games - My Laptop Config is as below running Windows 8.1 Intel Core i5 m430@2.27 Ghz (first gen i5) Memory 6GB...
  19. kg11sgbg

    Flipkart goofs up, delivers Xolo Q900s instead of Xolo Win Q900s

    Source : Flipkart goofs up, delivers Xolo Q900s instead of Xolo Win Q900s | Shame on Flipkart!!!:-x
  20. U

    Powerful Rig needed for SCCM and VMWare - Please suggest

    Hi Friends. One of my friend need a system for practicing SCCM and VMWare including AD server. All of the softwares will be running in different VM configurations at the same time. So at any given time 2 normal Windows 7 VMs, one Linux VM and one Windows 8 VM will be running along with a AD...
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