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Why to do SAP?


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I am interested in SAP, but am not sure exactly what it is. I tried to check online and found out that there are many sub-categories (or something like that). I have already decided to go to a SAP center for counseling on Saturday but it would help if I knew beforehand what exactly it is. If anyone is doing a course or know what it is, please help.

Also, what types of job can I get once I complete the course? What is the standard salary like? Please tell me more if I ought to know!


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sap ( pronounced as S A P separately) is basically a (ERP like oracle) business process management software for product and software organisations. So obviously it includes various exhaustive modules such as Material Management, Finance and Controlling, Production Plannimg, Sales n Distribution. Technical modules are ABAP, Business Intelligence, Business Warehouse, Master Data Management. Many other modules are there.

Guys usually go for 1 module training. For any module the training fee is 3-5 lacs. Indiz has one SAP dev n research center in Bangalore.

Exam fee is 30k...lol. Also there are approx 15k SAP consultants (dev n implementers are called consultants) from India.

Expectd salary is in lacs per month. You may have to travel a lot i this field.

Prefer to go for financial module or logistic one.
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abhi - SAP is a system which has many modules just like kanjar said...

A Basic module that one needs to learn is ABAP ..this is a Programming language using which we develop objects or say kind of Application within the SAP system.

And then we have different "modules/skills" which is not easy to make you understand...coz you need to know the basic structure of SAP system to understand them.. :)


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SAP is a Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing. It has various modules in it. Online sap training in all modules of SAP which includes these technical modules, functional Modules and industry Solutions. I can suggest to you a site where you can solve all your queries sap tutorials . I hope you will get all solutions to your queries. All the best.


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Is it necessary to have a SAP certification to get a job
Also does having one guarantees a job
cant we just learn SAP on our own and get a job
and what is the best source to learn it
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