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why KDE Sucks


Wise Old Owl
I'm noob in linux, i installed ubuntu with gnome and later on installed KDE desktop environment. After booting in KDE it looked better then gnome but after sometime fooling around i realised i liked gnome better.

I geep getting lost in KDE and accidentally removed desktop activity and all my desktop tool gone!
I logged back in gnome and tried to remove it but not able to remove it then i have to format and reinstall ubuntu

Man you could add it using the tool at the top right corner which is always present in KDE :p :p :p :p :p

Also KDE doesn't allow you to remove the last desktop activity (its ubuntu, so doubtful about it :D).

This accidental used to happen with me many times, so I switched to folder view instead of desktop view. I put all my icons in the Desktop folder, so my favorite programs' icons exist on the desktop irrespective of the DE I'm using :D
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