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which psu is the best????


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I should have listened to ur advice.....MY **** PSU gone:shock::shock::shock:..but thank god nothing has been damaged...:razz:

My specs--
i3 540
2gb ddr3
500 gb hdd sata
AMD 7750
R.I.P foxin 450w
Please tell me which psu should i get---
my budget upto 2.2k,,,

1.Corsair VS450
3.FSP SAGA II 500w

For kolkata guys--
Can please tell me which shop in chadni chowk i can get theese psu
Also tell where i can another AMD 7750 @ 6.2k for my freind............


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@ at your budget you can get a VS450 but better would be a CX430v2 by spending 200/300 bucks more.


what is your future upgrade?

are you gonna plug in another card in 1-2 years?
are you gonna plug in a card with 2x the current one's requirements?

or are you gonna upgrade after 5 years?

i hear this lots of time.... gonna upgrade soon, etc, future proof blah blah blah.... hardly any of them do so. in fact, they are just boasting. bet you wont ever upgrade the card.


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will cx430v2 support future upgrades???

as long as you can keep the power consumption of the future upgrades within the PSUs limit ;-) and if a GPU upgrade is what you are thinking about then yes, cards like HD7850/HD7870 will run it on easily.


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yep, Intel 2nd and 3rd gen ( and 4th gen too may be ) core cpus ( i5 ) and modern gpus consumes much less power - so the PSU is good for future upgrades ;-)


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Can u tell me....for eg . 6850 requires 22 amps on 12 v rail......but in psu i have 12v1 = 15a 12v2=18a... how do we understand it will work or not???/


^^ that figure of 22A on 12V is for a single rail psu...264W..

for you its a dual rail....Just see whats the total wattage delivered for 12V...


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total power on 12v=(12v1*15)+(12v2*18)=180+216=396W.this will supply power to cpu & graphics card.use extremevision online psu calculator,select capacitor aging as 15% & whatever value the calculator gives buy a psu which provide more power than that.

edit:it seems like the ampere values are OCP(over current protection) values which means that in above example if system tries to draw more than 180W from 12V1 rail or more than 216W from 12V2 rail the psu will shut down to prevent damage.there should be a combined value listed below the two 12v rails(like FSP saga II 400W/500W) which is the value to be consider.
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