1. Zangetsu

    Android apps & games you shouldn’t download

    Anti-virus maker AVG recently released a list of apps and games that slow down the performance of Android smartphones, take too much space or guzzle a little too much battery Source: 65 Android apps & games you shouldn?t download- The Times of India Top 10 performance-draining apps – run...
  2. sling-shot

    Android - How to install a new ROM without losing progress achieved in Candy Crush Saga?

    As there has not been any solution to root a Sony Xperia ZR on Android 4.3 yet I am looking to replace the Sony ROM with a pre-rooted stock ROM provided by Ralf_Waldo@XDA Also my wife's Sony Ericsson LWW on ICS is laggy a lot and there is a KitKat based ROM available that I am...
  3. bssunilreddy

    Facebook Games...

    Hai, Anybody playing facebook games as they are really interesting and not boring at all. My favourites are Criminal Case & Candy Crush Saga. Cricket was also good but am getting very low scores so I quit playing it. Pet Rescue Saga beginning levels are good but as we clear more levels its...
  4. sayan8

    which psu is the best????

    I should have listened to ur advice.....MY **** PSU gone:shock::shock::shock:..but thank god nothing has been damaged...:razz: My specs-- i3 540 2gb ddr3 500 gb hdd sata AMD 7750 R.I.P foxin 450w Please tell me which psu should i get--- my budget upto 2.2k,,, 1.Corsair VS450...
  5. desai_amogh

    [Query] Warranty for FSP Saga II

    Hi Guys, Kindly advise how to get my broken FSP Saga II replacement or warranty repair. It still has some 5 months warranty left. I could not find any info on their website. Regards Amogh
  6. zacfx05

    Intel based rig components-misc items

    Hello Frnds selling pc for laptop 1. Model number and details: Intel G620...................................3250 SOLD Biostar Tz68K+.............................5750 SOLD 4GB Corsair DDR3..........................1150 SOLD 1TB WD HDD................................2500 SOLD 1GB...
  7. H

    where to buy fsp saga 500 watt

    my friend is buying GTX 560 and he is going for fsp saga 500 watt psu so please recommend where to buy online as well as in chhattisgarh(raipur) he has a thread already but he has no internet connection so he won't be replying so please recommend me
  8. V

    fsp saga 500 watt

    hii i will buy GTX 560 after this month so i will need a good psu and i was suggested to buy Fsp saga 500 watt psu but i was confused from where to buy pleese suggest me a place or a website so that i can buy
  9. F

    New UPS

    The following is my configuration. AMD PhenomII 955BE @3.2GHz Gigabyte GA 880GM-USB3 Sapphire HD 6770 4GB Corsair 1333 Mhz Dell IN2030M 20" LED Western Digital 500GB Blue Samsung DVD+RW FSP Saga II 500Watt CM Elite 310 I need a suitable UPS for this rig ..Thank you :)
  10. J


    A friends pc crashed recently. He's planning on buying a new one. Budget:- 20k. Update:- Budget is now 25k Needs:- 1.) CPU:- (he said he would like an x6) 2.) Mobo:- (Am3+ socket preferred) 3.) Ram:- (already decided-corsair vengeance 4gb) 4.) psu:- (fsp saga 500w?) Is any rig possible...
  11. F

    Review my final confic at very tight budget

    Component|Make|Price Processor|AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition|5,400 Motherboard|MSI 880GM-E35|3,500 RAM|G.Skill F3-10666CL9S-2GBNT|700 HDD|Seagate 500GB 7200.12|1900 DVD Writer|LG 22X SATA DVD|900 PSU|FSP saga II 500W|2000 Case|Zebronics Bijli (w/o psu)|1000 Monitor|DELL...
  12. R

    FSP SAGA 500W or Seasonic s12II 430W??

    though i'm myself using SAGA+6850.....but now one of my friend is planning to buy the same he want to go with Seasonic s12II 430W.....but he has a doubt that will the 430W PSU be better than the 500W saga????....and yeah he is ready to spend around plzz don't reply that...
  13. sanads

    PLEASE SUGGEST A PSU(VALUE FOR MONEY) FOR xfx nvidia gt240 1 gb ddr3

    it is urgent. I want to buy fsp saga ii 500 w but it is not available. Please suggest me where i find it in kolkata
  14. doomgiver

    price/availability check and suggestions

    filling this on behalf of my uncle, my rig is still 2-3 months away ( bulldozer :x ) 1. What is the purpose of the computer? A: office work, surfing, light gaming 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar better performance but offering more VFM/ sellers? If not- why...
  15. jkultimate

    Is this monitor a good monitor to play games like GTA IV?

    OK, I have a Intex 15" 1504W model TFT Monitor. I am going to purchase some components for gaming. AMD ATHLON II X4 635 GA880GM-UD2H 4GB CROSIAR DDR3 SAHPPIRE HD 5670 1 GIG FSP SAGA II 400WATTS Will my current Monitor can handle games like GTA iv Shift 2 etc... at decent resolutions?
  16. ashis_lakra

    Questions on FSP Saga II 500W

    I was going to buy Corsair VX450 from SMC international, but today, i discovered that it wasnt present on the list. so, i m going for FSP Saga II 500W powersupply. Is it reliable enough to power my system without problems ? I use HD 5770 as my GPU.
  17. jkultimate

    Please tell the approx prices of these . . . .

    OK, I am planning to buy these configuration for my PC. Amd athlon ii x3 450 @ 3.3 GHZ Msi - 785g-e51 - motherboard Saphhire HD radeon 5670 1 GB GDDR5 Crosair 2X2 GB ddr3 ram - (Am guessing, its 2250 rupees) FSP Saga 400 watts - (Guessing itz 1500 rupees or so..) I guessed total it...
  18. N

    please suggest me a nvidia GPU

    I am planning to buy gts 450 cyclone psu is FSp saga II 350w ... can it handle it ?please advice my system specs ---------------- AMD X2 560 /M2N68AM+/ samsung 2GB DDR2 /samsung 160g HDD/FSP SAGA II 350W /ZEBRONICS TANATAN with one 80mm fan /DELL D1920HD 19"
  19. v.Na5h

    Will FSP SAGA II 350w support 5770

    Check this link out FSP >> PC Power Supply >> ATX 12V ver.2.3 >> APN,(85) the 350w version has a dual rail 12v of 16a and the 400w version has a dual rail 12v of 17a so can i add a 5770 on this psu i calculated using the outervision calc that without gfx card my...
  20. D

    Is this worthy to buy ??

    Light: Sunbeam Blue LL-B Laser LED light Rs.265 Processor Intel core 2 duo E7500 Rs.6216 (2.93Ghz L2cache:3mb or AMD phenom II x2 545 PSU: FSP SAGA II 350 350W Power Supply Rs.1671 FSP SAGA II 400 400w power supply Rs.2232 or Zebronics ZEB 500w platinum power supply Rs.2259 cabinet...
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