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Which One To Buy- Kindle Or iBall Slide?


Broken In
Dear Friends,

Please Help Me…. Which Gadget Should I Buy… Amazon Kindle or iBall Slide..? My Main Purpose would be reading but I am confused with the features and specifications offered by the iBall Slide…


Broken In
I would pick Kindle Fire over Iball Slide any day.

Having said that, kindle is certainly not the best tablet out there. It has its fair share of pros and cons. It completely depends on what you want from it. But for 12.5k that would definitely be my pick.


Will Power
Drop the Kindle Fire, the iBall or any other tablet if its only for reading.
Get the Kindle e-book reader instead. It has an e-ink display hence no harm to your eyes.
If you need a color display wait atleast 1 year for color e-ink displays to go mainstream.

Remember! Your health is MUCH more important than money or the pleasure of a color display. You dont want to harm your eyes! And DONT learn this the hard way like I did!


Will Power
No Idea, thats why I said atleast 1 year.
Cuz color e-inks have been around for quite a while but only some prototypes in China/japan(Im not Racist! I just don't remember :p )
Also there were rumors of B&N testing a color e-ink display a month or two back!
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