1. kool

    Touchscreen Laptop @Rs.15k ( iball flip X5) should i buy ?? need suggestion.

    Hi guys, I want to buy a touchscreen laptop for my mom just for learning, skype, online shopping etc. And today i saw "iBall X5 flip" for Rs.15,000 on Amazon. It has Z8300 processor, 2GB ram, 32GB internal, windows10 presinstalled, 10,000mAh battery. Is it good to buy this laptop ...
  2. S

    UPS or inverter for Gaming PC ?

    I have seasonic s12ii 430 SMPS, LED monitor, one ADSL modem. I am a web developer and sometimes a sudden blackout destroys hours of work!! I had iBall 600va UPS, it was my old PC's. After upgrading to a gaming PC, the iBall couldn't give backup for even a second. Should I buy a UPS ? or add...
  3. kool

    Asus X205TA , Micromax Lapbook, iBall Compbook ??? Which one is best for study purpose?

    Hi guys, I want to buy mini laptop for study purpose (i.e reading PDF files, browsing websites, PPT files and watching youtube videos). Not interested in gaming and photo editing adobe Photoshop software. I have searched lot about notebook and mini laptop and liked these machine...
  4. G

    Has anyone used this ? Should I buy this ?

    So my quantum usb hub is f**ked up So I need to buy a new usb hub should I buy iBall Piano 423 ?
  5. kg11sgbg

    The Iball Splendo Mini PC Stick with Windows-8.1

    Well,Guys I don't know how many of mini PC enthusiasts are here,but I shall be waiting for some few months and take a plunge for having one. The Iball Splendo Mini PC Stick. I already bought a Philips 22PFL3758 FHD Smart TV ,through an exchange offer,in lieu of my old Analog CRT BPL TV. What...
  6. S

    what is the best GPU that doesn't need a good PSU to work

    Hey! I was just wondering , what is the best GPU that doesn't need a good PSU to work? Ive got one of those iBall PSUs. Whats the best GPU that can work without to much of hassle on it? Also can you give the card's estimated performance on GTA V Thanks in Advance! Shiva
  7. H

    iball psy255????

    I wanna know how much watt is iball psy255???? The rail is +3.3v 15A +5v 15A +12V 18A +5VSB 2A -12V 0.8A How do come to know how many watt it is???????
  8. H

    need new graphic cad

    My budget is strict 9000 I want an excellent graphic card and where should i buy it ? Online or market If online plz suggest name , company, model My pc specs 1. Ga h61m ds2 2. 4 gb ram 3. Iball lpe 223 400 psu 4. I3 3200 3.3ghz 5. No 1080p needed I am in mind for buying zotac gtx 650...
  9. Niilesh

    Mouse under 500 rs

    the title says it all. I need new mouse(usb) budget is 500rs. Whats the best mouse available in this price range with decent build quality? Some mouse i found on flipkart: HP X500 USB 2.0 Mouse - HP: Flipkart.com iBall Style 09 USB 2.0 Optical Mouse - iBall: Flipkart.com
  10. U

    Choose me a good Tablet

    Hello techies wishing you a happy a new year I want to buy a tablet my budget is 10K I have choosen three tablets 1----> Google Nexus 7 2012 Tablet Google Nexus 7 2012 Tablet Price in India - Buy Google Nexus 7 2012 Tablet 16 GB (Actual Formatted Capacity will be Less) Online - Asus...
  11. A

    which is best .......

    which of these boards Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H and Intel DZ75ML-45K offer better performance with a i3 3220 CPU and iball cabinet with smps is a good choice ?
  12. P

    Buying a wireless Headphone at 2k

    I m looking for a Supra-aural wireless Headphone around at Rs.2000.I prefer good sound quality & ease of use & would like to use with Laptop as well as with my mobile phone.I know that Brands like Senneheiser start at 4k & I don't have that budget.I do like wireless because of the comfort it...
  13. frostbite

    iBall 5.1

    Hi, I have a iBall 5.1 Speaker Set. The problem is with my subwoofer, after running for 5-10 minutes it starts making loud burp sounds, cuts off audio and makes the sound, then audio then sound. What could be the reason? I tried changing the audio cable which connects it to PC/Mobile.
  14. G

    iball Slide 6318i Charger

    I received an iball slide 6318i Tablet as a gift from the local government. It worked just fine for a few months and it’s a decent tab. But then its charger started sounding weird, with screeching noises coming out when plugged in. So deciding it was faulty, I went in search of a new charger...
  15. A

    PPI DIFFERENCE OF 40 ... is it considerable ....????

    hi.. i am planning to buy tablet..... my budget is under 10k .... i am considering of buying above 7 inch tablet.... there are many limited options..... i am cinsidering these following options iball 6318i ---- screen 1200*600 (7") --ppi density - 169.55 iball 9018i ----...
  16. flyingcow

    Want to buy headphones for 3k

    Please suggest me headphones for nearly 3k Main purpose would be to listen to music and gaming, basically everything i do on a pc, i do it with headphones on. Therefore they must be comfortable too during prolonged use. Shouldfeel somewhat premium andlook good, shouldnt be like cheap iball...
  17. sujoyp

    iball Slide 6318i does not power on

    Guys I am in big trouble..I bought this iball tab 6318i for a friend of mine....when I checked it in my home it was working fine...then I switched it off. now after handing over it to my friend its not powering up/starting ....he have been charging whole night...I have been changing for last 2...
  18. P

    Not able to Format iBall USB Drive

    Dear All, I have been trying to format one of my iBall Cordial 8GB pen drive but when i do that it says the disk is write protected. 1) I tried the registry settings as well as low level formatting. Do you have any idea how can i proceed with it or do i dump it. There are few folders...
  19. T

    New Headphones - Help me decide !!!!

    Hi folks, I am looking for a new headphone with mic for my laptop with good voice quality and noise cancellation features. I've shortlisted on 2 options Amkette Truchat Boomer Wired Headset (FDD 267) iBall Swing Headset Budget around 500-600 Kindly suggest a better one among these...
  20. sandynator

    Is iBall Andi 4.5Q best options below 7k??

    Hello guys thinking to get iBall Andi 4.5Q from infibeam @6840 after applying coupon. iBall Andi 4.5Q Price: Buy iBall Andi 4.5Q Online in India - Infibeam.com Should I go with it or wait for something else. Are the iball Phones reliable & will it survive for 2yrs?? Requirements Android...
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