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Which ISP to Choose


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also i need help from a genuine expert in chosing a right broadband provider in siliguri,right now i am using a dongle modem of bsnl in 2g network, and the speed is exteremly slow ,i have a max. dwnld speed of 17KB/s plz help but* i want the dwnld speed of 1gb/hr .is there any thing wrong in my network or in my torrent preference settings .If there is nothing then i have to immediately change my internet mode to broadband net . So any expert here plz help me to choose a reliable and genuine service provider in siliguri ,my budget is 700 rs max. also any one want to directly contact me, he can provide me his mobile no. so that i directly chat with him to clear my queries ,so hoping for wise guides

i need help immediatly in this matter ,plz dont lead me to wrong direction.:|


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@ OP - before getting connection from any loacl ISP ( those 3 mainly provides net through local cable operators ) make sure their quality of service in your local area. Can't say about Wishnet but I've experience with Meghbela and Alliance.
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