1. vedula.k95

    Buying advice.

    Was too confused where to post so posted here,I don't exactly need a new phone advice but I am here in search for charger,I have a Ipro 10400 mAH power bank but I have a shitty low AMP charger which powers my phone like a turtle. I want you guys to suggest me which is the best high AMP phone...
  2. rohitshakti2

    Modifying a charger

    Hi friends I have a Pantech burst charger lying with me. Can I use it in India? It says, 100-240V, 50-60hz, output 5.0v----1A. But it has 2 pins with a hole in as in USA. Link attached. Can it be modified to be able to use in India? Pantech Micro-USB Charger - Wall - PTA-5010MU1US |...
  3. B

    Slow charging Galaxy and Moto G series

    Hi Guys, I have read on the internet regarding fast charging hurting the battery. I am okay if the phone takes its time to charge if it helps the battery. I have few queries- 1. To slow charge a Galaxy or a Moto G series, do we have to turn off fast/turbo charging from the settings and then...
  4. harshilsharma63

    Need Faster Charger For Mi 20000 mAh Power Bank

    Hi, I just bought a mi 20000 mAh power bank. Currently I only have a single charger - my Moto G 2nd gen charger rated at 5 V/550 mAh output, which iobviously is ridiculously slow to charge this power bank. The product manual/specifications suggest - 9 V/2 A or 12 V/1.5 A charger for fast...
  5. bad_till_bones

    Best mobile phone car charger

    Hi, Looking for a fast n reliable mobile phone car charger. Mobile - Redmi note 3. Tried USB port charging via a USB cable, but it did not work. Have heard the cigarette port chargers are fast. Please recommend one. Budget - around Rs. 500. Thanks in advance.
  6. ajayritik

    Need suggestions on Charger for Yureka Mobile

    My original charger for Yureka mobile got damaged and I finally misplaced it. I'm trying to find a new charger online. Can anyone suggest which one I should opt for? I see so many available online. YU Yureka Compatible Certified Charger kit of Micro USB: Electronic Yu Yureka...
  7. K

    Advice needed- Dying laptop - repair or wait or build new PC

    Hi guys I think my laptop GPU is dying/is dead I can run just one game on it (checked usage using MSI Afterburner) For everything else, it just crashes or BSODs(In windows 10 partition, it just says AMDkmdag.sys stopped and recovered but the Intel GPU is working fine whereas in my Windows 7...
  8. ©mß

    Need help buying laptop charger.

    I lost my laptop charger. My laptop model is 15-r014tu. How do I know which charger/adapter would fit my laptop? I need it ASAP. Customer support sent this in e-mail "For reference, you may also check the below: AC Adapter 65-W EM Smart nPFC, 3 pin, RC 4.5mm connector, 90 degree plug...
  9. D

    Laptop charger query.

    My asus k53 charger has gone kaput and I am advised against repairing it. Now the original charger comes at 3k while the indian branded at 1k. Both have 1 year warranty. Is it safe to go with indian one. Will there be any performance issues in terms of gaming?
  10. ajayritik

    Problem with Charging point of Yureka Charger

    Today my kid damaged the point of the Yureka charger which goes into the Charging port of the Phone. Due to this unless I hold the point hard while it's charging the phone is not getting charged. Is there any way I can repair this? Can I get the same original charger in the market?
  11. Moy

    2 Amp USB Charger under Rs. 750/-

    Hi there, I want to buy a good quality branded USB Charger under Rs. 750/- I expect following things: 1. Good Quality and Branded 2. At least 2 Amp output Budget is flexible up to Rs. 1000/-
  12. G

    Note 4 oem charger overheating?

    Hello, to all of you. I have Note 4, I use OEM charger that came with mobile to charge the phone, some days ago, I noticed a strange problem I plugged the charger into the phone, after half an hour I checked the phone, the phone and the charger was very much hot and the percentage of the battery...
  13. L

    solar charger

    I need a solar charger for an iPhone 6 plus that can power it directly from the sun with no battery.Does anypne recomend one?
  14. T

    Need to buy a good quality Wall USB adapter

    My included phone charger supports only 550mA. Would like a high current charger 1.5A or 2.1A. Good quality and reliable, not some cheap Chinese import. Shouldn't blow up the phone :lol:
  15. ithehappy

    Where could one get a ZenFone 5 charger?

    Around seven months ago my brother bought a ZenFone 5. Yesterday he called me saying the charger is ****ed up. I mean the adapter mainly, as the USB cable is charging the phone fine via a computer. So he asked me to contact Asus' service centre as he lives in kind of a very small town. So after...
  16. G

    is it possible to give power usb speaker with charger usb port?

    Can I power usb speaker from mobile charger rather than pc/laptop. so that I could play song from mobile without need to connect speaker with PC. I have f&d v520.
  17. mrinmoy

    Portable charger under 3K!

    Suggest portable charger under 3k with capacity above 8000 mAh. It should have good efficiency and long lasting battery. Please give review if you are using any. I have selected some 1. EViO EUP - 13000-M13000B 13000 mAh Power Bank 2. Lapcare Power Bank Superimo 12000 mAh 3. Yoobao YB-6014...
  18. vinyasmusic

    Lenovo Customer Care not replacing burnt adapter

    Guys facing a grave issue here My laptop adapter got burnt (electrical) recently. So I filed a complaint in customer care for replacement, after a few days they reverted back saying the serial number for the laptop and charger are a mismatch (WTF?) I checked with all my friends who had a...
  19. Z

    Lenovo Ideapad Z510 electric shock issue

    Hey guys whenever i try to charge my Ideapad Z510 laptop i am receiving mild electric shocks from metallic areas of the lap; for eg: the thin metallic strip surrounding the touchpad , the ideapad engraving ath the bottom right corner, any metallic surfaces of connected devices. I'm using a...
  20. RCuber

    USB Charger for Tablet / Mobile

    I am looking for a good 2Amp USB charger for my Tablet and Phones ( Tab is Ainol Aurora II ). The tablet has a separate charging port and I think its gone bad. The tablet charges via USB port. Can you guys recommend a really good and stable USB Charger?
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