1. bssunilreddy

    MFP under Rs.10,000

    Hai, Want to go with MFP for my daughter for her printing needs... Maybe she prints 100 pages per month Budget:under 10k Printers in mind: Epson L220 Any other printers in the above category.Please specify... Thanks & Regards, BSSunil - - - Updated - - - Epson L360 is 10200 but what is...
  2. A

    Multifunctional printer.

    Please suggest best multifunctional printer under ink tank system. I have short listed some.Brother DCP T500w and Epson L220 . My budget is Rs.10000-11000 .
  3. josin

    Buying options for multi function printer

    My Epson L 210 printer died.. Authorized Service center guy says MOBO is not working and printer head is gone and he says it will cost Rs.6700/- plus taxes. I think there is no point in fixing it. So please help me to buy a new one. I print very less say 5 to 10 pages per month and 30% of my...
  4. M

    epson max paper size increase

    Dear All, lasertech modified epson print max paper size from 13x19 to 13x44 Welcome to LaserTech Overseas. can epson inkjet l210 be modified also.After dotmatrix, banner printing will live again on inkjets. thanks mukesh harsh
  5. A

    Epson L110 or Epson L300 ?

    I want to buy a printer with the lowest cost per page. Budget is under 10k. I will be printing around 700-1000 pages monthly of which 99% will be B&W. Mostly used for reading articles so high quality not required. Other functions such as scanner , fax etc not required. I have zeroed Epson's L110...
  6. S

    Toner Refill

    Hello Everybody! Sorry if this post doesn't belongs to here. Well I wanted to know what type of Toner Powder is used in Toners of different make : HP Canon Samsung Brother Epson Plz help. Have I posted in wrong place or what? waiting anxiously for reply
  7. Nipun

    [Views] Epson Dealer: Intech Systems Pvt Ltd

    This is posted as "views" not "complaint" as I've not actually purchased the product yet. However, Mods, if you feel this prefix is wrong, change it. Hello everyone. I was looking forward to buying an Epson L210 multifunction printer. As the inks were not available on flipkart and the...
  8. Samarth 619

    Need an All-In-One (in Rs. 10,000) after a disastrous experience with Epson ME535.

    Guys, Let me start with background. I had an Epson ME 535 all in one printer which I sold because it was sucking ink like anything... I was aware of the printing costs. Typically, a Rs. 390 cartridge prints 230 pages. But the truth is not anywhere close to what Epson claims: Leave the...
  9. R

    Which Ink Do I use For Epson Stylus Printer?

    Hi again! I purchased an Epson Stylus Color 460 - 7 years ago. I searching Ink Cartridges for it. Its model numbers: Black Ink Cartridge: S020189 / S020108 Color: S020191 / S020089 On Epson website, I found that the substitute model Ink Cartridges: Black: T051 Color: T052 But I...
  10. C

    Advice on buying refillable cartridges 73/73N for Epson TX121

    Hi folks, I have been using Epson TX121 for over an year and mostly for taking few printouts per week. My problem is .. if i keep the printer idle for more than a week, i have to perform a nozzle clean and calibration of the printer which takes away around 35% of the ink. Since the original...
  11. dashang

    want to buy all in one printer

    hi guys i want to but ALL in ONE printer . (print, copy/xerox , scan) . I have seen All the printer , my budget is 3500 to 5000 . I want to buy the best one . I have liked Epson Tx121 . Its scanner specs is 600 dpi it good ?? or can u suggest any other printer? I have...
  12. G

    Inkjet MFD - Epson TX121 or L200

    I am planning to buy either epson TX 121 printer ( at 3.5K ) or Epson L200 (Rs. 10K). Although cost of L200 is high, actual print cost claims to be very low.( around 25 paise per page). Is this claim true ? Does any body has actual experience in using epson L200 ? Suggestion for any...
  13. S

    Epson L 200

    need a MFD for soho use,it should have low printing cost and good print quality,speed is not a big issue,having Epson L200 in mind.kindly suggest is it aright buy,if no then what are the other options ?Thanks
  14. ratzee199

    Laser Printer....

    Hi everyone, I want to buy a Laser printer for home use. M budget is within Rs 5000. I got few options in FK. Xerox Phaser 3010 Printer Samsung ML - 1676 Printer Epson AcuLaser M1200 Printer Epson AcuLaser M1400 Printer Canon Pixma - MP287 Printer Brother HL - 2130 Printer Dell Mono...
  15. S

    Epson Stylus C41SX

    Hello all, I have Printer "Epson Stylus C41SX", pretty old but still working very good and I dont have any ideas of changing it. The problem came, when I wanted to upgrade my computer. All the new series Motherboards did not support the parallel port and also I could not find the drivers for...
  16. ssdivisiongermany1933

    which one b/w hp 2050 v/s canon mp287 v/s epson tx121

    I have sorted three Low end MFD Hp 2050 , canon Mp287 and Epson TX121 , Iam confused between the three since there is not much difference but which is more reliable and economical in long run ..and in which I can use the CISS kit later ??? Advice would be surely very much helpful
  17. debarshi

    Printer under 3.5k

    Hello, I want to buy a printer under Rs 3500. I have an IMAX Astra 4100 scanner at home. So multifunction is not a necessity. But if a good one comes in my range, I am more than ready to buy it 1st priority is economical. Cost per page of black and colour should be low. I want a printer...
  18. giprabu

    Epson Stylus TX111 (all-in-one defective unit)

    Epson Stylus Tx111 all in one device NOTE : Only the scanner unit alone will work. The printer head is faulty and so printer section won't work. Purchase date : Dec 2009. Warranty : Not Applicable:-o Accessories : Usb cable and power cable. Reason for sale : Faulty printer head Going to buy a...
  19. P

    Suggest All in One Printer (Printer, Copy, Scan & Fax) for home use

    Friends, Looking for All in One printer for home use Features Required. Printer Copy Scan Fax Wi-Fi - Will be added cream, so documents can be directly printed from laptop (No need to take laptop to printer) Not looking at refilling the cartridges (refilled cartridge spoiled one...
  20. dharmil007

    Printer Damaged by me ..... need Help

    My uncle bought a printer from US 2 months ago. He bought a converter for it from here. {110V to 230V converter} iT was working perfectly fine, but one day i mistakely plugged that wire direct into our socket. & there was a spark after that the printer is not working. When contacted...
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