1. HE-MAN

    "urgent advice for gpu under rs 10,000"

    "urgent advice for gpu under rs 18,000" update extended budget by 8000rs 1. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model) Ans: Vip 500watt gold edition with a single 6 pin pci-e power connector for my zotac 9600gt. 2. What is your budget? Ans: under rs...
  2. Z

    System acting weird after installing GTX 580

    Current specs:- i7 920 @ stock X58A-UD5 rev1.0 (F7 BIOS) BIOS was updated from F6 to F7 last year Nov 2011. EVGA 9600GT 1GB GDDR3 @ 2-way SLI TX650W (old one, bought 4yrs ago) Lancool PC-K62 M2700HD (using DVI cable) 6GB DDR3 GSkill 1600MHz 9-9-9-24 @ 1.6V (slots used are 1,3,5 - triple...
  3. avinandan012

    HYDERABAD - Need service centre name & adrress

    Does anyone from here have name & address of service centres of these companies in Hyderabad 1) Trancend ( One new 2 GB RAM DDR2 module is not working) 2) XFX (9600GT 512MB not working) tried googling but the phone numbers coming , when called upon it says number does not exist
  4. B

    Graphics Card to save power

    Hi all, I have this 9600GT low power edition from Zotac which comsumes approx. 60W of power on full use. But I dont play games anymore. So I was thinking of switching to the Integrated Graphics which is nvidia 7025 in an nForce 630a chipset. But I dont want to pull out my 9600GT. So will I save...
  5. shayem

    anybody have 9600GT?

    Hi, If anybody have geforce pci-e 9600gt 1GB DDR2 graphics card then please could you send me bios.rom/.bin? You can get it using GPU-Z.
  6. solomon_paulraj

    Xpert Vision GF 9600GT - 512MB

    Sold locally! Mods kindly close the thread! Hi, I want to sell my 2 year old Xpert Vision GF 9600GT - 512MB. send me your offer to solomon_paulraj@hotmail.com. very good condition. played fear, fear2, with very good details. can handle most of the games comfortably. Looking for a quick...
  7. nbaztec

    PSU Suggestion

    I have the foll. specs: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T MSI 880GMA-E45 Kingston 2x2 1333 DDR3 I'd like to know which is better (Corsair VX400?) if I take the foll. GPU: a) 9600GT 512 DDR3 b) 4850 512 DDR3 My monitor resolution is Max 1280x1024. So i'd need something which is not more of an "overkill"...
  8. IronCruz

    Zotac 9600GT 512MB

    I want to know the performance of above mentioned graphic card at high resolutions with medium or high settings. Can it perform well? How much power does it consume during load.
  9. S

    sparkle 9600gt graphics card

    I have a 5 month old graphics card Sparkle 9600gt -512mb ddr3. It has 3 years warranty. I bought it from alco @ 5500 +4%. I am going to buy a high end one so i want to sell it. I am based in kolkata. my mobile - 9433358744 regards, subhayu
  10. Siddharthtech

    Upgrading for 20k

    I want to upgrade my PC to a reasonably good config for gaming, web browsing, working on bryce etc. I want to upgrade the following components -Motherboard -CPU -HDD -RAM -GPU -Cabinet9with atleast 450 W SMPS) -Optical Drive I'd like an AMD Phenom 2 processor as it offers bang for the buck. A...
  11. Siddharthtech


    Need help regarding upgrading PC for Rs 20000 -Motherboard -Graphics -CPU -Cabinet -RAM -HDD -Optical drive I'm not a serious gamer, but need to play games like Assasin's creed, Arkham Asylum etc. at decent graphics. I want a Phenom 2 system, and a graphic card like 9600GT. 4GB DDR2 RAM...
  12. ritesh.techie

    Does intel 82865g supports Nvidia GT series

    Can i use 9600Gt , 9400Gt or GX series with my MOBO
  13. vaibhav_jain

    Some info about PS2

    I have a query related to PS2. Is it possible to play games like GTA4, NFS current versions(i.e.shift, nitro, undercover) and games like crysis. I am asking this because i have the budget of 6K max. to purchase a graphics card which i choose zotac 9600gt eco edition 1gb. Also please tell me...
  14. IronCruz

    Thanks to all...DIGIT rockz...

    Thank You every body who replied for URGENT@ PC CONFIG...THREAD I bought the following AMD Athlon II X4 620@5875 Biostar TA790GXBE@4950 Kingston 2GB DDR2 800MHz@2025 Zotac 9600GT 512MB@5450 WD Sata II 500GB@3000 Cooler Master 460W@3000 Altec Lansing BXR1121@1300 APC 550VA@2250 Mercury...
  15. IronCruz

    9600GT vs 8800GT

    *www.tomshardware.com/charts/gaming-graphics-cards-charts-2009-high-quality/compare,1468.html?prod%5B2695%5D=on&prod%5B2692%5D=on If we see the above chart, not in a single row 9600gt has beat 8800GT. Is 8800gt better than 9600gt?
  16. IronCruz

    Graphic cards company for 9600gt

    Guys tell me which company should i go for 9600GT 512MB graphic card? Should i go for PALIT?
  17. R

    lcd monitor help

    hello, my friend wants to purchase a 23-24" lcd and he has finalized these 2 from dell -- 1)sp2309 2)G2410 he has a p4 pc with 2gm ram and nvidia 9600gt. which one will be good for watching movies, playing games, surfing, etc.(no image or video editing work). thanks
  18. vamsi_krishna


    Hello, my friend is going to buy nVDIA geforce 9600gt. He is on a psu by a cheap brand called odyssey. It's wattage is 450w. and it's +12v rail runs on 10A and -12v rail runs on 0.8A. Is it enough to run 9600gt? I'm 99% confident that it won't run. So, he needs a new psu. He has no reserves...
  19. P

    HD 4670 or 9600GT in Rs. 8k Budget?

    Hello, I am having a hard time deciding between HD4670 and 9600GT. I have a budget of Rs. 8k . Please suggest which is better and if there any other GFX card for Rs. 8k which is better than these two. Thanks!
  20. Sathish

    confusing to choose Zotac 9600GT 512MB..

    two models of zotac graphic card has confused the purchase.. >Zotac NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT 512MB ZT-96TES3P-FSR Graphics Card - 5.4 >Zotac NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT 512MB ZT-96TES3P-FCP AMP! Edition Graphics Card .6.3 which is best buy between them and what is the difference of amp edition that...
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