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I my office I have around 100 computers , I have3 ISPs TATA 256 Kps, TATA 512 Kbps and MTNL 2 Mb link.

Now I need some thing which will make all these three ISPs as a one locate gateway (I wana merge them in to one .) So if even one link goes down my internet connection for user will not get affected.

Is there any solution on this I havea good budget.
this is possible but its sure illegal to merge any two connections, moreover u have 2 of tata & 1 of MTNL. your server will be overloaded, they will easily know it by counting yours monthly load,

I used to run a cyber cafe, i had same probe, but knew it from frnds that it wont help really, but add to troubles.
Better u use 1 sp for all the computers maybe at different speeds....


u can use a multi wan router or use softwares like wingate. performance of the multi wan router is much better than wingate.
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