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Where is the firefox cache?

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What is the location of the firefox cache on my hard disk?

I'm also using IE-6 and Opera on a Windows XP computer.

IE's cache is in the temporary internet files and Opera's cache is in its folder...but the firefox folder does not show any cache. I need to find some old image files that I had seen a few days back.


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about:cache gives a listing of the Firefox cache. Ya... u can save them too, from the internet.

By default within users profile in the windows folder.

Somewhere here:
In some other users...

But u can't see them as in the IE cache.

See this too.
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^^^about:cache not only give you an option to see, but you can save them too.

You can find that in the cache folder of Firefox as said by koolbluez. But, there you will find the files without any extensions. so, if you search for a particular pic, you won't find it easily...
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