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Whats the street price of Nokia 6233 and its Music edition?...urgent

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I am going to get either of Nokia 6233 or Nokia 6233 music edition within 2-3 days.So,can anybody tell me what are the street prices of these two?
Another thing is If i want to get the 6233 normal and the Music doc and extra 512 mb memory(i.e. whichis the difference between two phone),then which one would be the cost effective thingy?
Also if you can mention any other alternatives from any other brand or nokia within the same range u are always welcome...


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pathiks has the normal 6233. so he'll be able to help u. dunno abt the ME. but then the ME is nothing diff but a new skin, larger mem card and better headset. for that budget u can also haf a look at 5300. but the cam quality is lower than 6233.


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i dont hav the normal 6233... a friend of mine has...
btw the only difference between 6233 and me is that wat infra said...
a bigger mmc, a better headset, a new theme, and upgraded firmware...
wich translates to better music quality... and yup the cam is awesome...
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