What's the best thing to keep awake?

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Sparsh007 said:
Study half of the thing at the last moment and think if u dnt then wat will happen,then yr past and future will start flashing in front of yr eyes and then u will study out of fear :D

My roommate would so agree with you, bro! I have to calm him down with soothing kicks on the ass just to get him out of panic-mode. He starts sweating, goes into spasms, and gets a wild look in his eyes on the night before the paper. He swears he sees his entire birth/present-day life story like a movie reel :D

Got my exams from saturday too, need to start studying, and fast. Like iNFiNiTE (did I get the case right?), I tend to knock off by eleven, even after a double-coffee. This time, i've got a new strategy. Gonna stay up and swot till twelve, then play badminton for 30 mins, then back to books for another hour. Turbocharged, baby! :D Lets see how it goes.


amol48 said:
well even Se$$ is a gr88 thing to keep yourself awake :p

Man this is too much! What do you expect me to do now? People have such weird ideas to keep awake for studying!


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Switch off your PC and get to reading...

To stay awake: Tea without milk is better, and as some others suggested have an hour of sleep at around 6-7pm.
Well, I've heard that an 'Apple' is good as 10 cups of coffee. Never tried it though.. but now that we have a gini pig, maybe you can test it out :D
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