1. $hadow

    Happy New Year

    Well since we are going towards the end of another year. A great year in terms of tech and development. Hope to see some more great advancement in the year 2015. So all I have to wish you all is HAPPY NEW YEAR Party hard but also sensibly and do not drink and drive. Enjoy...
  2. Jaskanwar Singh

    When to drink water

    guys some say its fine to drink water during a meal, some say u should drink after 30min and not in between. what r ur opinions? :-D
  3. montsa007

    Help needed to gain weight

    I'm 24 (almost), and weigh 56 KG~, as am 5.9, I look pretty skinny for my height. I job involves sitting for long hours, I don't workout or go to gym, do walk for about 30-40 mins a day. I'm a vegan & don't smoke or drink, what should I eat/drink to gain weight?
  4. axes2t2

    Drinking water - Kidney Stones

    *somebody's getting old* :P Oh and drink atleast 3L water everyday.
  5. jxcess3891

    Do u smoke/ Drink?

    Do u smoke/ Drink?
  6. amitabhishek

    So whats your fav. drink???

    Yes...indeed its a lame thread...but while going through this article on ET I thought why not ask fellow digitians. I have cut down heavily on carbonated drinks however whenever I have one...its always Thums Up for me. What about you guys? Whats your fav. drink (any beverage)?
  7. gaurav_indian

    Coke has a rival: RSS's cow urine cola

    Coke has a rival: RSS's cow urine cola *www.expressindia.com/latest-news/Coke-has-a-rival-RSSs-cow-urine-cola/421641/ What next cow dung in burgers?:rolleyes:
  8. ajayritik

    What's the best thing to keep awake?

    I have an exam coming in few days. What is the best thing to keep me awake from sleeping in the night? Earlier I used to drink tea to keep me awake. Do you think Coffee would be better? What do you say folks?
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