what precautions are you taking against swine flu?

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My college is starting in about 3 days. I'm thinking of wearing surgical mask. Its best to stay on the safer side. The N95 respirator is a better option, but its expensive-about a 100 bucks. You will have to use respirators and masks only once. You will then have to buy another one. I think the safest bet would be to wear the cheaper surgical mask and take other precautions like washing hands etc...
There is no need to be too worried about it IMO
Just keep things simple: maintain good hygiene, avoid eating snacks outdoors for now and you'll be fine :)

I doubt whether you'll need a mask et all. No need to get panicky.


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Stay away from media. 99 out of 100 will get symptoms like any other flu and will recover. One, whose immunity is deficient will become critical. If you wish to worry, you must instead worry about HIV-AIDS, Diabetes, TB, Malaria, Coronary artery disease. There is just one official death from H1N1 and few more will follow. But media will as usual blow it out of proportion as it is the flavor of the season just like Rakhi Sawant.


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lolwut ? Surgical masks are a sham. They cannot save you from the reaper. But unless you can totally isolate yourself into your mom's basement, nothing can be foolproof to save you.

Hey why don't you just take your chances ? I am pretty sure that probability of a ligthening strike is more than swine flu strike. Just make sure next time when it rains you should not stand below a tree :p

Take general precautions though, do not eat junk food or anything that can get you ill. Wash your hands etc. Stay healthy, thwart swine flu.

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I go around people having cold or cough and stand besides them... I also get to the Airport just to meet some unknown foreigners, and ya I also meet those poor patients suffering in the hospital... man,.. I love India TV...


rofl nothing to worry man.
our college has started since a week already. nothing to worry in VTU, VTU Tortures even swine flu virus, so it will stay as far away as possible from VTU people.


Don't touch any part of your face above the level of your neck with your hands/fingers. If you feel like rubbing your eyes, nose or mouth first wash your hands with soap and water and then wash your eyes/nose/mouth. This will help to some extent, and is not foolproof.


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Some are dead from flu and all are wearing masks, millions are dead and dying from AIDS and nobody cares to wear a condom.,..weird.


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@blondie, you can't compare H1N1 with AIDS.

H1N1 causes death if not treated inside a week. Moreover, people cannot suppress THAT hunger and often do that in a haste and their mind is clouded at that particular moment.

Swine flu, since it kills infectant in week or month time if not treated and thanks to the ek-rupayya-ko-dus-rupayya-banaake-dikhao attitude of today's TV channels and thanks to lack of proper care and precautions, everyone is scared.


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^no re, most people recover from swine flu on their own.Its just normal flu except that humans haven't faced it before.

it'll be like some months or few years at max before sufficient human population have a resistance to it and it'll go away, ofc, to return back with a couple of more mutations.And the cycle continues.

Just follow general hygienic rles, like washing hands and all, nothing to worry about as much tbh.


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True it's another variant of Seasonal flu. here are the steps that I am taking:

1) Eat lot of fresh fruits and high vitamin content to keep my immune system strong
2) Eat healthy breakfast and lunch with rich vitamin content
3) Wash hands with antiseptic lotion after roaming outside and take headbath after going home from office.
4) Stay away from crowded areas like malls and theatres.
5) If possible will start using surgical mask when roaming outside.

afaik, Bangalore has been a safe haven right now among other cities. Let's see :)


Swine Flu itself it not that dangerous as of now..
The main reason behind declaring it as a Pandemic by WHO is the fear of some mutations or change in it..
If some mutations occurs in the virus then it would be really fatal ...
BTW i have heard these virus learn or mutate over the period of time ... does that mean they have memory ... i have read somewhere that amino components present in the virus acts like memory cells .. is it true ..?


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Death toll reached 8. A 14 year old girl succumbed to death today.

Its like common cold virus. We do not have any vaccination for common cold because the bloody virus has numerous strains and mutations to evade particular medicine. Only a good immune system is the best bet for it.

Indigenously made vaccination will be available by December-January.

Normal masks are of no use. Only N95 respiratory masks are capable of protecting with 95% success rate.

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suppose a person is infected, how long does it take for the symptoms to appear?- a few hours, 12hours, 24 hours??...also where are these N95 respiratory masks available?


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usually, for flu it takes 3-6 hours for symptoms to show up. Check with medical stores, especially ones near to big hospitals that do lot of surgeries. This mask is much better than the disposable masks.

also, spraying eucalyptus oil on a hanky and using hanky as mask also works to some extent.


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Guys, refer this site. Most of our questions are answered here.


B/w, I was searching net on any info if swine flu can be spread by animals. Means from an infected to dogs, cats, etc... (I was a bit scared due to lack of this kinda info. we are only concentrating on human what if animals are a reason too). Found this.

Can they catch (or spread) swine flu to each other or members of their human family? According to Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM, About.com Guide to Veterinary Medicine, most likely, the answer is no. This isn't an absolute answer, as viruses change, but historically there are no known dog/cat to human (or vice-versa) influenza transmissions. Here is more info about influenza viruses.

There are two types of influenza viruses: Type A and Type B. The Type A viruses are found in humans and many types of animals, usually strains specific to that species. The type B viruses circulate widely among humans. 1

Dogs and cats do have their own versions of influenza viruses. The canine influenza virus is an influenza Type A H3N8 virus, and the feline version is Type A H5N1 influenza virus. (The numbers and letters after the type denote the numbers and types of proteins on the surface of the virus. The letter H stands for hemagglutinin and the letter N stands for neuraminidase.2)

More on swine flu spreadin here: *www.beloblog.com/KHOU_Animal_Attraction/2009/04/can-pets-get-sw.html
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Its just like normal flue, so you will feel similar symptoms (cold, throat infection, coughing , fever, headache, loss of appetite, vomiting, severe weakness etc). In extreme cases one will feel respiratory problems.

Death toll reached to 14. Still the fatality rate is too low. Kerala, Nashik are in now.

Sh!tstorm may hit the fan by Nov-December...lol. Take your chances.
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