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  1. I

    Introducing Motif Mask – A Puzzle Experience Unlike Others

    Are you clever enough to find the pattern hidden underneath the mask? Motif Mask – recreate patterns by stacking layers above layers of artwork. Stand alone, each pattern is a mesmerizing test of your brain power and creativity. Together, only 60 seconds to spare and the clock ticking down...
  2. snap

    Anonymous plans Million Mask March

    So anyone going? Anonymous plans Million Mask March on DC for the 5th : news
  3. curioustechy

    2 unique ip address in a network

    Is it possible that more than one device have same ip address in a network (lan)? last day at my office incidentally i turned on wifi of my samsung galaxy note and as i saw the wifi signals of the local network popping up. i just configured it exactly as my desktop pc is... but...
  4. abhidev

    Wanna look like Rorschach ? Here's How

    Were you impressed, awed and maybe even a little scared by the Watchmen’s anti-hero character, Rorschach? Well, he is quite creepy, but here’s a chance to be just like him. Well, at least you can kind of look like him now, as I found this really cool link that shows us exactly how to go about...
  5. nix

    what precautions are you taking against swine flu?

    My college is starting in about 3 days. I'm thinking of wearing surgical mask. Its best to stay on the safer side. The N95 respirator is a better option, but its expensive-about a 100 bucks. You will have to use respirators and masks only once. You will then have to buy another one. I think the...
  6. The Conqueror

    Google Apps - Masking URL

    Hi, I have a domain name mydomain.com . I have signed up for Google Apps for my domain.I have changed the Required MX Records and successfully activated email services for my domain name. Now I have changed CNAME Records so typing mail.mydomain.compoints to my email. However mail.mydomian.com...
  7. redhat

    Mask input in Java

    Hey friends, I am working on a project and need to mask the input taken with a '*' Can someone please tell me the procedure to do so? Thanks a lot....
  8. krates

    Create a drag mask (flash)

    i found a link which tells u about how to create a drag mask like a picture is not displayed but when u roll over the mouse u will see it http://maskingflash.blogspot.com/
  9. A

    Lan networking of win98 computers with win -xp computers. Help required

    Dear friends, I have 8 computers in my office. The details are as under. Six Computers are having P4 cpu of 2.8 ghz. and 512 mb ram. Two computers having p3 cpu and 128 mb ram, the os is win98. Out of six computers one is having windows2003 server os, others having win-xp os. All win...
  10. T

    why does this IP conflicts???

    i have this particular confusion: i have this configuration setup which conflicts: ## NODE 1 IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . : Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . : Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . : DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . ...
  11. T

    IP range calculation??????

    HI, can anyone tell me on how to know the total no of IP that can be used given a IP and a mask. say: this last octact i.e. 8 is a bit confusing. can be 9/10... Mask is there any program to get this done??? regs ken
  12. mario_pant

    How to revive my router password?

    i have forgotten my airtel broadband password and i need it very badly... now, i connect to the internet through the huawei smartAX MT880 which logs on automatically when started... i can see my password under the mask right there but cannot see it... please help... i really need it how to...
  13. J

    Connect Outside my Subnet Mask

    If i implement a server on my system then, only people having internet connection provideded by my ISP can access it.I think it is restricted by the subnet mask of my ISP.Is there any way so that anyone can access my system working as a server.Thank in advance.
  14. anomit

    subnet mask?

    what is 'subnet mask' ?
  15. goobimama

    Sharpening Images (photoshop tutorial)

    This tutorial is in reply to Nix’s request in the Request Tutorial section. Hope you’ll like it. There are several ways that one can sharpen images in Photoshop. I’ll just brief you through the different steps but it depends on each image which method suits it best. Method 1: (not...
  16. goobimama

    Fade into Grayscale (Photoshop Tutorial)

    Provides an excellent fade into grayscale. I found this effect on a band picture of an indian band and was very much puzzled as to how they did that stuff. Anyway, I when I learnt about Layer masks, it "revealed all" to me...(a fellow photoshopper would know why those two words are in...
  17. koolbluez

    Radical Car Body Painting (Photoshop)

    Guys... firstly, I'd like to tell that this is adapted from some place in the net i got sometime ago... This tutorial deals with a unique method of changing the color of a car... call it body painting Unlike traditional ways of changing a vehicle's body colour, this technique uses layer...
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