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The Conqueror

The Conqueror

Elevating Humanity
Einstein once said "I would be more interested in knowing why the battles in history were fought rather than learning the dates of their occurrences".

Would be unfair to those hardworking students who toiled hard and studied for hours and can probably clear the test without an open book.

That simply translates to the fact that their hard work is nothing but rote-memory.


Right off the assembly line
i guess u gotta study for jee...
its not that u need to work very hard..its just that u nedd to study every thing in detail specially the ncert books they are just the fundamental part and besides if u have coaching u are better again...just be systematic and stick to what u have decided to study rather than leaving that up for the next day..like i did always///:( all the best...


In the zone
mitraark said:
Would be unfair to those hardworking students who toiled hard and studied for hours and can probably clear th test without an open book.
Hardworking in what sense?
By hearting answers/guides is not hard-work!

Studying shouldn't include only your text-books but go beyond that. Learn to make proper use of Internet(when I say "proper use of Internet" I don't mean copy-pasting of some random text for your Assignments).


Coming back to life ..
Hmmm .. Mostly what is termed as "studying" these days is actually cramming which is directed towards short term goals such as cracking the exam .. Studying should actually be synonymous with "learning" so as to help the person in his future life with the knowledge he thus gained ..


Ideally, the term "studying" has nothing to do with exams. Studying means absorbing or discovering knowledge by whatever means, i.e. observation, analysis, reasoning etc.

Our exam system and competitive papers like the JEE which are based on definite, closed syllabi are definitely not testing how much or what the person has "studied".

My personal take on exams like JEE/AIEEE/PMT/whatever: They are "test case scenarios" where lakhs of "crash test dummies" are made to run a huge race for the best mechanical characteristics.

That is, the JEE studies you ;)
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