1. rickenjus

    Network which claims to be the fastest in India actually ranks 147th globally by download speeds

    Bharti Airtel the largest operator by subscriber base in India has been in the news lately due to its boastful advertising of being the operator with the fastest network in India. Airtel has put up an open challenge where it offers to pay the lifetime bills of anyone who demonstrates a network...
  2. swatkats

    63 percent mobile users in India face network issues while accessing Internet

    Over 60 percent mobile users in India are facing network problems while accessing Internet across locations, says a study. “We have found people are facing differing mobile data issues depending upon location. About 63 percent people are facing quality and reliability issues (like voice drops...
  3. Flash

    Indian private hospitals 'treat patients as revenue generators'

    What has long been murmured in private has now come out in public - India's private healthcare sector largely treats patients as mere "revenue generators", according to a study that reveals shocking testimonies of corruption. Kickbacks for referrals included an example from a general...
  4. M

    GRE & TOFEL preparation for higher Medical study in US

    Recently, my daughter acquired undergraduate-MBBS admission and study will start from Sept. Since her growing days, she have had target to pursue specialization/research/post graduate medical study preferably in US. While inquiring with Harvard, Oxford & family friends, I came to know about...
  5. E

    career options

    Hello This thread is regarding my career.I am a 12th passout and I am spending these days helping in my dad's trading business.And I like to do it and it could get more intresting if the items in which we deal,were of my choice.(read:computer parts).Other things which are of my intrest are...
  6. seamon

    Gamers are actually social!

    Gamers are more successful and social than rest of the population, study shows (ScienceAlert)
  7. Skyh3ck

    B. Com Graduate, what to do next - M. Com, M.A, Ph D. what ?????

    Hi Friends I completed my B Com degree in 2004 with First class, Its been 10 years since then I am now 32 years old, Married with two young kids. I have worked in Various international BPO for customer service, recently i tried to change the career to corporate sector but due to BPO...
  8. Skud

    A durability report of 27,134 HDDs

    Online backup provider Backblaze have published results from an internal study of the hard drives they use for their service. The study includes 27,134 hard drives from Toshiba, Hitachi, Seagate, Western Digital & Samsung. The Seagate drive ranging from 1.5 TB to 3TB have significantly higher...
  9. Zangetsu

    Video games cause hallucinations, says study

    Video game players may experience altered visual perceptions after playing, a new study has found. Researchers at Nottingham Trent University’s International Gaming Research Unit found that some video game players experienced distorted versions of real world surroundings. Source: It's...
  10. S

    Laptop for moderate gaming (Price: Upto 50k)

    Hey, this is my first thread in the ThinkDigit Forum. I'll answer the questionnaire first:- 1) What is your budget? Upto 50k INR 2) What size and weight consideration would you prefer? I'd go with a 15" - 16" screen, no weight preference. 3) Brand Preferences: None 4) What are...
  11. dashang

    need CMAT study material

    Guys , Can you send me CMAT 2013 study material
  12. ankush28

    Study purpose laptop ~ 32k

    BUDGET UPDATED¡ NOW MAX 32K need to buy laptop for study purpose processor matter much to me not gpu if gpu is possible then good. 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 28k at MAX CAN EXTEND TO 32k surely INR( :D why i will create thread for 28k usd budget ) 2) What size & weight...
  13. gdebojyoti

    Online study material sources?

    Anybody knows of good online study material (text only, no videos) on these following subjects? Digital Signal Processing Telecommunication Systems Digital Communication Information Theory & Coding Principles of Management
  14. velociraptor

    video lectures and study material for following

    hey frnds i need urgent help finding tutorials and other study material on following please help 1-oops with c++ 2-microprocessor (8085 if possible) 3-computer organization 4-data structure thanx in advance hey ill any 1 reply plz
  15. Revolution

    WB Polytechnic VOCLET Exam

    Hi, Can any one give me info regarding WB Polytechnic VOCLET Exam 2013 ? Can anyone confirmed if POLY40 still exists or not ? I want to know what kind/type of questions have to face for that exam. What kind of book or note need to be followed. I am not connected with study from long time so got...
  16. Kirtu Jindal

    Top Cities in India Will Probably Run Out of Water in Next 5 Years!

    Delhi groundwater may run dry in 3-5 yrs: Study - The Economic Times This is extremely disturbing to read, but is anyone surprised?
  17. gdebojyoti

    Urgently require free online study material

    Can anyone suggest me some good online study material (preferably text) on the following topics? 1. Data Structures using C 2. Microprocessors - a. 8085 b. 8086 3. Control System Engineering - a. Routh's criteria b. Root locus c. Polar plot d. Nyquist plot e. Bode plot...
  18. sayan8

    Which one should i opt for...pls help

    i study in 12th at cbse board pursuing science career.. i want to study engg.. i hav shortlisted this streams-- 1. electronics & communication (1st prfrence) 2. Computer Science 3 . automobile 4. I.T Please help me....
  19. L

    Methods to study English

    Hey guys! I'm not a native English speaker but I do my best to become an advanced speaker. I wonder which methods/books/other things you use to learn this language. Currently I'm using Online English application from lsbf (a school in London). Here is the video - LSBF London & InterActive...
  20. Neo

    how to spend 1k?

    I have 1k got somewhere in my pocket. How should i spend them? Rules for suggesting ;) : 1. No begging . ;) :P 2. No study related stuff.;) 3. No donating . :D 4. No saving . Ahahahaaa
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