1. Anorion

    What do video games teach you about sex?

    5. Skyrim - you might need to kill your partner to marry again
  2. Faun

    Phil Collins waves goodbye to his money

    Dang who knew he was such a generous ex-husband! Now I want to marry him, just for the divorce settlement!!! lolz Source: *
  3. A

    Orkut founder is gay!!!!!!

    Never knew this but today when i went through this article, i found out that Orkut Büyükkökten is actually gay and is all set to marry his boyfriend. Kinda Surprising..... Read more about him here:*
  4. DebojitGotBadDVD

    Against Marriage

    Ok, non computing topic, but I need some serious opinions. Today I declared to my family (we are Bengalis residing in Kanpur....), that I will not marry, but live together with my childhood friend who I've decided to make the better half of my life............ Naturally, aag lag gayi...
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