1. Anorion

    What do video games teach you about sex?

    5. Skyrim - you might need to kill your partner to marry again
  2. Cyberghost

    EA may have a new distributor for India very soon

    Word around game distribution and retail circles in India is that Milestone Interactive – which has been EA’s India distributor for years – has fallen out of favour with the publisher. We’ve also heard that EA has been speaking with other distributors in India for months and a decision on...
  3. ramakanta

    An application like “Huawei Mobile Partner” for Linux Mint

    I have a Huawei Data card E177u ,but there is no Mobile Partner for Linux to install . Is there an application for Linux Mint 17which is like Huawei Mobile Partner , That should provide •Connection & Disconnection •SMS •Display Bandwidth •Display Data Usage •USSD USSD is the...
  4. J

    Negative Experience Slow turtles good for nothing....

    My recent shopping experience with Infibeam have forced me to write what most others were writing on some other feedback/review portals i.e. "Do not shop on Infibeam", now coming on to my experience.. under order id--> 12142103 on Nov 30, 2013 for a mobile for my Brother's Birthday, and to...
  5. H

    Oracle study partner

    Guys, anybody pursuing Oracle certification? I need a study partner. We will discuss ideas and prepare for exams. Please PM as soon as posssible.
  6. W

    Adobe Certification in Flex OR B.Tech in GAme development[Reply Promptly PLZ]

    Hi, I an in urgent need for some advice here. I have completed my Class12 exams this year and have an opportinity of joining :: Welcome to Backstagepass :: for a B.Tech in Computer Science and Game Development but i am equally interested in Adobe Technologies such A.I.R, Flash ands Flex{web...
  7. 4T7

    XFX drops Nvidia exclusivity, becomes an AMD partner

    There’s been a lot of talk of Nvidia partner defections and reshuffles in recent months, following the low market performance of their graphics cards compared to a reinvigorated Radeon lineup. Earlier this year it was Gainward, and now another Nvidia exclusive video card partner has announced it...
  8. H

    Bhangarh - The Most Haunted Place in India

    So hav any of u guys been to this place? Just read this. Wat do u ppl make of this?read other articles bout this whihc said that ppl who hav stayed in this place overnight hav never returned back. wud very much love to go to this place and spend a night over there (ofcourse not alone.i...
  9. M

    Vodafone opening its seperate service!!!

    Well i was looking to get a hutch plan and later convert it to corporate one but jus came to know via a frnd who went for hutch technical interview...he was offered a post in a seperate group...and according to them vodafone is going to start operating seperately........ The point is that...
  10. devauniversal

    Infosys selected best outsourcing partner

  11. Sumeet_naik

    Invitation for Micrsoft Student Partner!!

    This community is for all those who are participants of the "Microsoft Student Rockstar" in India.Share views, exchange ideas, resolve problems, discuss issues, get help... FOR DIRECT INVITATION TO THE CONTEST JUST EMAIL YOUR NAME OR SEND A BLANK MAIL TO YOU WILL...
  12. D

    Help about RHCE

    Hey guys, I thought about to get RHCE cert, when i talked to RHCE partner here, they said that u need to get tutorial from RHCE partner only, this is a requirement for RHCE(they hv asked for 8k for this tutorial classes). So guys tell me is it there or they r just bugging me.
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