What CMS for wallpaper site?

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What CMS is best for a wallpaper site? It should be easy to to use and must have enough templates to choose from. What do you suggest? Anybody here own a wallpaper site? what cms are you running?


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use Joomla or Drupal
these are the best CMS's in the business
you have access to tremendous amount of support for both of them


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Yes Drupal is okey but you will not get much of thr free templates for Drupal.You try your hands on Joomla where you will get many of the free customizable templates as well as modules and components which you can use and its all free. I have many of the wepages using joomla and it seems quite simple.

But as a suggestion go for simple php with MySql for your project.


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Ok, I install Drupal/Joomla whatever. then what? How do I turn it into a wallpaper site? I would need some kind of script na?

A member utsav mentioned about one gallery2.2 ... something.
Have to checkout that.


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& how 2 make those wallpapers "THUMBNAILS" without actually creating them ? @ravi_9793 ...... nice set of wallpapers .....
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try coppermine gallery, i had tried it long back and loved it, give it a shot it is available in cpanel.
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