1. sandynator

    AC for an small room[110 Sq feet]

    Since last 2-3 yrs till last week we were postponing installation of AC in my parents house as the building was going under re-development (which is delayed now) & there was hardly a space for installing an AC. The entire locality is going through re-development phase & there is lots of air &...
  2. C

    RHCE & MCSA certification

    Hi, I'm from Mumbai. I plan to pursue MCSA & RHCE Certification along side CCNA. I came across CMS Institute, Dadar, Mumbai which is offering CCA & CITCA curriculum covering above as well as additional training on RHEV, ITIL, Hyper V. I would like to know if its worth doing all course under...
  3. dashing.sujay

    Central Monitoring System (CMS) ; thoughts

    Preview: PRISM, and now this. I'm happy for the fact that at least it's not happening under the hood as PRISM. Still, do we need to worry ? Why ? > No rules, regulations or whatever have been defined or stated, to clear the boundaries of the intriguing CMS. > Officials beholding the power...
  4. windchimes

    Doubt on CMS

    Hello DIGITians Got one website for a publication house to be shaped up. I have no fair idea on the technology working behind but would like to know what exactly is the job of CMS and where it stops and what is the difference between Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal and how one wins over the...
  5. T

    Open Source

    hello guys i am new to open source technology and i have newly learned php i need the help of you guys i want to make my career in opensource technology if any 1 help me i will be really thankful to him my email id is kindly reply your posts here i have a lot of problem in...
  6. Rahim

    7 Best Free and Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS)

    7 Best Free and Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) Posted by jun auza On 5/14/2010 A content management system (CMS) is a software used to simplify the management and publication of HTML content such as documents and images. It provides authoring and other...
  7. F

    CMS for online tender system

    Plz help me, is there any CMS to build online tender system.
  8. Sumeet_naik

    Homepage showing link to CMS and not the CMS directly

    Hi, I bought a site and installed Joomla (CMS) on the site through one-click install(Elefante free-scripts). But the CMS gets installed in and the homepage shows a FTP like path structure and I need to click on the joomla link to get to...
  9. phuchungbhutia

    Help me write content of adventure website

    My friend wants his website on adventure, trek, tourism, etc website to be maintained . . its content . . He is looking for someone to handle it . . He just wants to fill in contents of its web pages . . So I am offering my help and i want to learn it also . . what are the requirements for...
  10. The Conqueror

    A Good CMS ?

    Hi all, I wanted to know if someone could suggest me a Good CMS. I would be using this CMS only for embedding Divx videos which i will upload to my site and it should have comment feature too. Also it should be Free of course. My server is based on linux and some php based cms would be cool.
  11. blackpearl

    What CMS for wallpaper site?

    What CMS is best for a wallpaper site? It should be easy to to use and must have enough templates to choose from. What do you suggest? Anybody here own a wallpaper site? what cms are you running?
  12. amanjagga

    urgent help needed!

    Hi guys:cool: I have 1 template that is without xml file and i want to make this template compatible with CMS( zoomla):confused: If any one can help me in this matter PLz! guys plz! guys help me!:)
  13. V

    State aided terror to stop SUN DTH !!!

    Hello, Most of the members from south know that SUN has decided to entered the Direct To Home business, and issued the Advertisement.. accordingly.. But this plan run in to rough weather in T.N because of the CM's anger o-ver Maran's brothers over the events leading to Dinakaran's Madurai...
  14. aditya.shevade

    Information needed :- CMS

    Hi I have already posted a thread concerned with a website that I am designing. This one, I have started cause I want to know about CMS (Content Management Systems). I want some information on them. Why should one use these systems. In what way they are better, and which one to use. Aditya
  15. M

    plz help regarding this

    can any one tell m which cms and module using this man or if he dont using any cms and whthe do??? can any one tell me????
  16. Sanchit

    Can PHPBB be used with Google pages?

    Can PHPBB or any other CMS be used with Google Pages? If yes, then how?
  17. R

    CMS Rapidshare grabber 1.4.5 is now free

    CMS Rapidshare grabber 1.4.5 is now officially free for all... WEBSITE NOT UPDATED YET... it will be available for download from 15/Oct/2006 so its free for sharing.... pass : GBR145 However rapidup is also in the...
  18. Ricky

    Need suggestion for open source cms and few things..(urgent)

    Hi guys.. Well.. I have been asked my friend to make site for him (he has asked me to do anything first time so I want best I can get for him) . He donno anything but the site will be used for big purpose. So I am looking for a opensource CMS which can also integrate forum in it or already...
  19. C

    Dragon Fly CMS

    Guys i have an account on frihost on server 2(means no mambo or php nuke). I have download Dragon Fly CMS and i want to put that on my site. I have uploaded all the contents in public folder of my site. IT is not working. Am i wrong somewhere? What shld i do?
  20. C

    Webmaster Plz Help !!

    Hello Guys, I wanna start a website and wanna use a content management system (CMS) Out of all these which one is the best. Drupal Geeklog Mambo Open Source PHP-Nuke phpWCMS phpWebSite Post-Nuke Siteframe Typo3 Xoops Please keep these...
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