1. baiju

    [Query] Kingston Pen Drive RMA Cochin

    Does anybody here know the service center of Kingston in Cochin? The phone number of Accel Frontline given in the Kingston website is not functioning. Even the customer care number of Kingston is not working. Thanks.
  2. A

    what apps are you running on your moto G ? Is any of them a must have ?

    i was just wondering what apps are really necessary to improve / monitor the functioning of this device. and which apps are you definitely going to recommend to fellow users ?
  3. MetalheadGautham

    SELinux for Newbies

    Here is an article on SELinux and how it actually helps written in SIMPLE ENGLISH. It also links to the fedora SELinux documentation where you can learn more details of its functioning. *
  4. MetalheadGautham

    Package Management for Newbies: Apt, RPM and Yum

    Below are links where you can learn about the complete functioning of the apt package manager, used in debian, ubuntu, mint, pclinuxos, etc and where you can learn about the complete functioning of the rpm/yum package manager, used in redhat, fedora, mandriva, and other redhat family distros...
  5. bhutanesedude

    What happen to Site?

    Guys, Is down or I am the only one to unable to browse the site....Please let me know whether the site is not functioning or down or it's only me not being able to visit. it.
  6. B

    Problem with my PC...

    My system specifications: processor: Intel dual core 2.8 Ghz 512 Mb RAM 40 Gb hard disk.. I have the system for 2 years and i'm using it for miscellaneous actions.. The problem is that when i run FIFA 07 or open multiple tabs to surf the net, the system shuts off automatically and the CPU...
  7. M


    hi.......may i know ,whether custom validator and login form functioning the same.if not, mention where they can be used?
  8. H

    Upgraded Bios! Now system won't boot

    Mobo is GA-81845GV. Fan and all the led's are running only keyboard is not functioning. I get no beep during startup. Help. I never upgraded bios before. :(
  9. fakkadbaba

    Cursor and window deactivates repeatedly

    Recently I am witnessing a strange phenomenon on my PC. When I am typing in any word or powerpoint document, I find that it has suddenly become an inactive window, and the commands of the key board are not executed till I click on the page with the mouse and make it active. Some times it occurs...
  10. comrade

    Site/Browser issue?

    the following url works fine(sidebar navigation links are functioning) on both internet explorer and opera...but links arent functioning properly when i browser the same link thru firefox or any mozilla variants. why is it so? *
  11. P

    should I remove Microsoft.NET 1 and 2 framework

    Hey friends, I have installed MS.NET framwork 3 on my computer. Now should I remove MS.NET 1 and MS .NET 2 ? will removing these will affect the functioning of my computer ?
  12. Sandeepnair85

    Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot K800i Review

    Hi guys check out this cool Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot K800i Overall the Sony Ericsson Cybershot K800i offers a lot, it provides a fully functioning mobile phone (with Internet, Email, RSS, 3G, MP3 etc), and an adequately functioning 3 megapixel digital camera. The camera can take mostly decent...
  13. A

    Pen Driving is shutting down Computer

    Pen Drive is shutting down Computer Recently one of my friend had purchased Transcend Jet Flash pen drive of 1GB capacity. After some time his computer (OS - Windows 2000) has developed a peculiar tenedency. Whenever the pen drive is withdrawn from the computer, the computer restarts. However...
  14. M

    Digit Patron help urgent!!!!

    Hello all I am facing a weird kind of problem. This month i got 2 digit patrom codes in my magazine and both of them are not functioning can any one help me ouit plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......................... I have already sent am email 2 digit wat else 2 do??? Relpy 2 me on...
  15. N

    increasing ram ???

    my pc have 256 ram and the maximum graphic memory is 64mb and graphic memory in use is 6mb.i have 845 onboard graphic card.can incresing the graphic memory to 128 mb helps to improve the functioning of the game.please suggest me how to do this.
  16. doom_marine

    Chipset Fan Problem

    I have an asus A8NE Motherboard . The fan on the chipset stopped working and when i boot the system it warns me the fan is not functioning What do i do?? HELP!!!!
  17. kl_ravi

    How to block *.SWF Graphic ADS from loading in web browsers.

    Hi, Is there a method to block Swf (flash) files from opening in Internet Explorer, without affecting the normal functioning of the browser. Kindly let me know the software and a link where to download it from.
  18. J

    CD Rom not functioning properly

    My CD-ROM is SAMSUNG CD-ROM SC-152C 52X Max CD Drive is F:\ For some time now i am getting the following messages: F:\ is not accessible. A device attached to the system is not functioning. Retry, Cancel sometimes this... F:\ is not accessible. The device is not ready. Retry...
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