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Western Digital / Transcend


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^^Not only on that regard...
But seriously, many of us had underestimated transcend HDDs.
I've done some search before getting a HDD some months back & was surprised to see very few failures on transcend drives(u can count it in a hand) compared to WDs & seagate..

The usb 2.0 transfer speeds with this drive is faster than that of WD's..

I checked it myself with my cousin's 25H3P 1 TB drive some months back... Sorry i don't hav a proof..


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I have the WD drive. Yeah, its prone to scratches but looks sexy :)) But for HDD sexy doesn't works. Transcend seems to be rugged. Go for it. Speeds are fine in my WD. 27MB/s in 2.0 & 60-80MB/s in 3.0.
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