Weird Wild & Whacky...

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WOW... are you?
Well i thought that subject sounded so much better... WWW = Weird Wild and Whacky

Well that's the case with me.. I recently formated and clean installed XP

Well... funny to say this BUT I feel my computer is a LIL Slow

Another problem... while i click on mp3 song... it won't open in winamp
I mean Winamp won't open... BUT when i open winamp player... and then click on the song it will play.

By the way... the new song "If you were a sailboat" by "Katie Melua" is beautiful
So is her older song "Nine million Bicycle" (if you haven't see it in

Love her... and will love you for helping :)

Take care... do i need to run or do something?
Mike here


Google Bot
any mp3 file >> right click >> properties >> open with >> winamp always..
and next time pls keep relevant topic names..


In the zone
Yaar soul to soul .....

From ur post i got three things U have probs reg winamp

two U lave songs by Katie

Three U will love anyone who helps you....

So ur "WWW" represents these three......Man dont take it seriously....LOL

And as Pathiks says ....please give a thread title that suits ur Post.....I am dissapointed here


WOW... are you?
Well I found my problem... just posting so that you all might be aware!!

apparently i had disabled the service "DCOM Server Process Launcher"

Which resulted in my *Windows installer not working

*Ipod not getting detected

*word document not opening properly

* And mp3 not opening in winamp automatically

Everything well now...
Not open for further replies.
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