1. Desmond

    Aaj Tak reporter faces eve-teasing while reporting on Delhi gangrape case

    Well, I don't think Delhi is any safer with such wild animals roaming around. I mean, look at the b***s on these guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtVhbGOZkm0
  2. C

    best high optical zoom camera

    Hi, wanna buy a good optical camera which gives good picture quality and has a good battery life. Purpose is to have fun in wild get some good pictures of nature and wild life. Cost under 25000/- if less than 20000/- much better. Have done lots of online data search gone trough hundreds of...
  3. arijit_2404

    Football Manager fan : Fifa Manager 2009 is Out!

    Yup.. second best football management game is out (i mean leaked). FiFA Manager 09 by Electronic Arts is out in the wild. Fans of this genre.. grab it. :cool:
  4. prasath_digit

    Far Cry 2 Discussion Thread

    Haven't been to Africa?..Don worry here cause here comes Africa to your Desktop.......Here comes Far Cry 2........ Release Date :- October 31, 2008 The next installment in the ground breaking exotic-non linear FPS series.......... Far Cry released in 2003 was a huge technical & game play...
  5. Raaabo

    [By Demand] May 2008 DVD/CD

    I'm skipping past the April 2008 by demand thread because it was too late anyway - though any requests you include in this thread over the next 3 days might be fulfilled. At least you can start demanding for the May 2008 issue earlier than ever before, so go wild!
  6. gsoul2soul

    Weird Wild & Whacky...

    Well i thought that subject sounded so much better... WWW = Weird Wild and Whacky Well that's the case with me.. I recently formated and clean installed XP Well... funny to say this BUT I feel my computer is a LIL Slow Another problem... while i click on mp3 song... it won't open in winamp I...
  7. S

    If you are a game developer..............

    If you are a game developer, and got an idea of making a game basing on the movie KRRISH, write how would you design the game. GO WILD! Even i have kept my ideas ready.
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